Monday, May 4, 2009


Tired from a long weekend in northern California. Started with a 4:24am meeting of carpoolers. Didn't make it out of San Diego till 5:30ish. On the road...took the 101 up north ( between naps). Made it to the campground around noon...yes it was raining. Lovely. Hung out, went to the expo to pick up our race packets and then Stephen B and I met Nikee for a quick relaxing swim on the course. It was a lake (yeah!) but it was nasty (no!). It was weird to open my mouth and not taste salt...never thought it'd be that way, growing up in the lakes of Minnesota. But yeah, I'm kind of an ocean snob now. And I wasn't liking this water situation. And and and, that whole "more buoyant in the ocean" debate that I thought was crap...I now believe. Wetsuit and all, I felt lower in the water. This shouldn't be an issue, but with my lower back annoyances I was not okay with sighting and placing that extra stress on my back. Flipped over for a couple hundred yards of backstroke to loosen up and exited the water so we could head up for dinner. Friday night we hung out in the camper drinking with Flo...what an awesome dude. Taught me some German drinking techniques (don't drink a Heff out of the bottle) and we had our "that's what she said" laughs.
Flo making some magic.Teaching me the ways of the stein.

Bunk mates! Holy coffin. Me, Flo, and Stephenteam potato chips (cami, stephen b, and me)
Saturday was race day. Had a pretty relaxed morning as the relay wave was the last to start at 9:30am. Made our way down to the lake. Before I knew it the horn went off and wow so did everyone else. It was a mad dash to the first turn about 300 yards out. Full on sprint...bashing, pulling, beating, thrashing...people were doing everything they could to get that hole shot. Holy crap more like it! I lost my timing chip twice due to people pulling my leg backwards. I was frustrated and tired the entire swim. I wasn't in my own pace for longer than 400 yards and then we started passing the previous waves (the purple cap old woman wave...I know I should be nice...that'll be me someday.) Somehow finished, still feeling like crap, and began the run up the hill to the transition to tag Cami. 27:50. Bummer...that means Superfrog wasn't the correct distance. After my swim Stephen B and I headed back up to camp to chill, take a shower, and eat. We headed back down so Stephen could head out on the run. Cami came in as expected and S was out. I then found my roommate, Katrina, and cheered with her until Chris finished. Crashed his bike and flew over the handlebars into a ditch...crazy story.

Chris and Katrina after the race.

Saturday night the tri club had an amazing meal prepared as we all hung out by the fire. A pretty relaxed night actually. Sunday we awoke and started with the cheering squad on Lynch hill. Wow, really glad I didn't sign up for the olympic race. This hill was almost tidepool-esk. Yes, we saw some walkers. Flo and Jesse made this day so much fun. Sunday night we headed back to San Diego.

Flo opening my bottle with his joke.

Flo and Jesse crashed the course, crossing the finish line

All in all a pretty sweet weekend. Thanks to Nikee and James for letting me stay in the tiki palace. :) Next year I'd love to do it all over again...but I'll hopefully be an Ironman in St. George, Utah.

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