Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Take a look at me now.

Just a little 80's love ballad about my run fitness:

How can I just let you walk away. Just leave without a trace.
Your the only one who really knew me at all.
So take a look at me now
Cause there's just an empty space
There's nothing left here to remind me
Just the memory of your race.
Take a look at me now
You coming back to me is against the odds and that's what I gotta face.

Yes, a little mellow dramatic.  I'm trying to find that inspiration, but it hasn't come.

2010: I trained. I raced. Then I rested. Next I got engaged. Then I had surgery. I worked. Oops I crashed (again). Then I got married. Followed by honeymooning/thanksgiving/x-mas/birthday. Now I...

am in a middle ground. Trying to find the inspiration.

I started to ride my bike. I started to swim. I continue to enjoy my warm bed over the coldness of the morning. I bought new running shorts. I bought new running shoes. Yet, I haven't run. (actually, once, last Thursday - we are starting a new run from MCS - nothing like a work outing to force you back at it...I had anxiety all day leading up to the run. 6:00pm - join us!)

Looking to find that spark again. Really I just need to sign up for a race and get my butt back in gear.

But maybe I don't need that tri spark anymore. Poor Kermit has been neglected since May, really. Partially because his saddle is DEAD (like ouch, I'm sitting on rails...with no padding - hmm, 5,000 miles may do that to a saddle)...but mostly because Cookie Monster has been stepping it up lately. 

The perks of having 2 perfectly fitting, completely different bikes.  Kermit got a ton of love in early 2010, and I think it's time I show the monster what a little racing is like. Give him some glory at the finish line as well. (Technically speaking, Kermit has never crossed that line).  The monster has had to deal with life as the commuter bike... sharing a rack with those "service bikes" that show up to Moment all beat up and looking for love. It's sad really. He'll get excited about the .6 miles (yes there is a period in front of that 6) to work, and dread that uphill .6 on the way home. 1.2 miles is all he's had to live for.

2011 is a year of changing for the Monster.

Not only will he stay the commuter, he'll toe the line. So I've been on the brink of "in shape" for a while now and I think I'm finally cracking it. Before (off season) I'd be scared to punch it, or use a match, because I'd blow up, HR would explode, and I'd stumble my way back home. Now that I'm seeing gains in fitness, I'm able to stick with my riding buddies (sometimes) and actually put in some effort for the group (if only the moral booster- hey at least my HR is low enough to speak).

It's been fun becoming a roadie. Especially with a sweet support van/team car/mothership!
Loading the mothership. She fits 10 bikes/8 people
So getting ready. First race is a road race in 2 weeks. A hilly road race at "elevation." I haven't been know for my climbing skills...but I'm trying to change that. We previewed the course a week ago, and after getting over how cold it was, I realized that I still have a ways to go. But I'm not so scared to put a little bit more out there every time I get on my bike.
freezing with my friends at boulevard...even after the ride! ninja man is the hubby. :)
Today we had a 5+ hill repeat challenge at the tidepool hill at Cabrillo NM. Free waterbottle to all who complete. Wednesdays are paceline/skills practice, Thursdays are hill repeats, unfortunately I work Saturdays, so I miss the big group rides, but try and make up for it with hard Sunday rides. Friday, I went to pilates. OMG, didn't remember I had hips until then. Wow, talk about needing a lot of work.

So take a look at me now.