Friday, June 15, 2012

Super Grover

I'd like to welcome to our family, the addition of yet another bike. Super Grover comes to us all the way from Beverly, Massachusetts by way of Asia. Insurance lingo labels Super Grover as a replacement, but we all know Cookie Monster can never truly be replaced.

So I didn't really want a new bike. I was loving Cookie Monster and all his glory. But such is life and I'm not complaining. The process has left me with the resources to build mine and my husband's dream bikes. After designing and receiving the bike, I knew the name had to come. Mr. Monster took a while, but it really stuck. Kermit also came along after later in his life. I was trying out some names that weren't from a children's show, but none were really clicking with me. Missy suggested Tyrone. [close second]. I finally decided on Super Grover after a bit of research:
  • Early in the series, Grover would often greet Kermit the Frog by running up to him and yelling, "Hey, froggy babeee!" and then giving him a hard slap on the back, which knocked him over. [this pretty much happened the second I brought Grover into the garage. Kermit knew he'd be taking a back seat for a while; eventually they'll become close friends.]
  • A "valiant, caring blue monster". Sesame Street Unpaved describes Grover as "the Muppet we'd all like to be -- self-confident, furry, cute, capable, and intelligent. Well, self-confident, furry, and cute, at least".
  • Opening credits to the Adventures of Super Grover, "Presenting the further adventures of everybody's favorite hero. A man who is faster than lightning, stronger than steel, smarter than a speeding bullet. It's... SUPERGROVER!"  [um hell yeah! the new bike will proudly represent these adjectives - speed, strength and of course smart racing tactics.]
So without further adieu, Super Grover. My new racing machine.
Parlee Z5 SL frame
New Sram Red components
Zipp 404 Firecrest tubular wheelset
Zipp SL carbon handlebar (Featherlight, tough as nails)
Zipp Service Course SL stem/seatpost
the box arrives! it's christmas in june!
the new sram red. lucky girl.
excitement, much? unpacking frame.
the build process begins in EJ's yard
Gluing the rims
the guys were super busy at the shop,
so my friend EJ offered to get it done!
we be rollin'