Tuesday, October 23, 2012


Happy two year anniversary to my husband. Kyle, you are my sherpa, my friend and my lover. It is you who brings a smile to my face and a light to my day. Even when you are far, you are close in my heart.

We celebrated with quick trip to LA and a nice dinner at 3rd Corner in OB. Riding the tandem of course. Sad I didn't get a pick of us all dressed up but we did get one of the 2010 cabernet to celebrate. He was out to sea on our actual anniversary on the 16th; such is the life of a Navy wife. 

we chose the wine based on
1) the year {2010}
2) the label art {gears}
it was actually delicious.
After work on Saturday the 13th we drove up to LA and stayed at a campground in Bonelli Park. Had some poptarts for a bedtime snack and crashed as we were up early for a morning of racing! He dropped me off at the park entrance for the Bonelli Olympic Distance Triathlon and he was off to Dominguez Hills for 2 criterium upgrade races. Check out his video.

I also celebrated my 4 year anniversary of my first Olympic distance race. Pumpkinman was an interesting journey and it's fun to look back. Bonelli is a very grassroots triathlon, no frills and no porta potties...not kidding. I don't think they were prepared for the increase in participants this year, but for once it paid off to be a girl, as all the bathrooms had 3 stalls for the women and only 1 for the men. :) No assigned racks left me finding a sweet spot at the edge of the bike in/out area {less time running with the bike = better} and laid out my sioux girl towel, shoes and helmet and I was off to the start.

Not surprising, the race started late. They didn't allow anyone in the water after the first wave went off, so my warmup was nil. 10 min later and the 1 and only ladies wave was off. 200 yards out and I was alone. 400 yards out and I started passing men from the wave that started 5 min ahead. And that's the story of the swim. The lake was "dirty" but not disgusting. It actually tasted like plain water. Just a bit muddy.

Got out in 22ish min, not happy with the swim but not disappointed. Ran up a hill to transition and took my sweet time to get my shoes on and onto my bike, and a girl passed me. I never saw her again.

The bike course is 3 loops around the park. After heading out of transition you climb a short hill, head over an interstate and turn right for a very long and fast descent. The rest was short climbs and turns and some flat areas and a final climb back into the park and back up towards transition. Albeit unsafe at parts due to the partially open roads and lack of volunteers {I saw 1 volunteer on the entire course, and the rest were traffic controllers/state patrolmen} the course was a blast. Loop two had a bit of a crazy start as there was a car on the course and bikes were going on all sides of it and the traffic controllers had lost control. No frills = no aid stations. I had 1 aero bottle 28oz of water and one 24oz bottle with 250 calories of gatorade and 1 vanilla gu.  2:16, which I felt was pretty respectable with the lack of training and the significant amount of climbing on the course.

aero dork
Heading into transition the temp was starting to get brutal. Luckily a good portion of the run course was on trail that was shaded. Plenty of aid stations along the course {I think 6 within the 6.2 miles} with just water. Felt alright on the run. Flats and downs were good and any type of incline had me almost walking. I have ZERO strength right now and am working on this base, but after only 2 weeks of training I had ZERO expectations. And I was pleasantly surprised.

yeah finished. why do i do this again?
Struggled through but managed a 52, and I'll take it. Finished and saw Kyle waiting for me so we could book it out of there and get me back to San Diego for work. :( We went back to the campsite to teardown and actually headed back to the race site for the podium shot and got on the road.

Won my AG and the results say 3rd OA, but I'm pretty sure I was 4th. Congrats to the husband for a top 10 finish and more racing experience.

superfast san diego peeps. 
Another year married. Another race under my belt. keep on keeping on.

{happy birthday to a faithful reader - my father! - excited to see you soon!!}

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

ready, set.

So here I am. Week 1. I had a little head start last week [well, skipping the running bit] with a couple bikes and a swim at the Superfrog Triathlon on Sunday. You may have heard, Lance was there. I got asked to be on a relay a day before, and sure, why not?! Oh yeah, remember last year, when I had that near drowning experience and came up laughing. It can't be that bad, right?

Nah, it was fun. After barely finding my relay members in time to gather the swim cap and timing chip I was off to the beach. A friendly hi to the Eternal Timing dudes who work at the Tri Classic and a bit of a warmup [potty stop] and back to the start line. 3, 2, 1 off with the elite/relay wave. Nothing like 6' waves to greet you! Love Coronado. I was dolphin diving right behind super swimmer Erin, and after that first wave she was no where to be found. As I was swimming I looked over and saw Keith walking and adjusting his orange goggles. It was rather comical, as he was keeping up. After that, I was alone. Not sure how this happens on a .6 mile, two loop course, but I can never seem to find feet that are my speed. A couple more crashing waves, some darker than others and I was out to the turn buoy. Started back in and I saw coach Scott from the Mission Valley Y Masters swimming without goggles - that sucks! Tried unsuccessfully to catch a wave, but at least I didn't get pummeled like Frank [who got tossed so hard into the ocean floor that the impact broke his toe - epic.] Sun was shining and I was wearing non tinted, clear goggles. Awesome sauce. Got out of the water and ran the beach to start the 2nd lap. I was also made [in]famous by slowtwitch.com

Red caps were positioned and ready, and after some heckling from Steve, Frank and Jake I "ran" back into the water as 3, 2, 1 go - their wave started. Double awesome sauce - young boys running me down as I enter the water for my 2nd loop much slower.

beautiful waves.
I found myself way right of the turn buoy as there was a bit more current. I didn't over correct, but made it to the turn, again alone. Turned back towards shore, and what do you know, I see coach Scott again. This time I managed to catch a wave. And I caught this wave like I've never caught one before. I was in the perfect spot and caught it at the right time. Wow. So. Much. Fun. I was dolphining through, in, and on top of that wave - smiling with a bit of a fear, and actually breathing with my head out of the water. The wave took me into shore saving quite a bit of time. Ran into transition and passed off my chip to my relay biker.

The rest of the day I hung out with friends cheering for other friends racing. Kyle had duty on Saturday, so he rode over when he got off in the morning on Sunday. Was super impressed with everyone's performances. Frank managed to bike pretty hard, but withdrew from running cause he knew something was up with his toe. Karen finished her first half, Erin killed it as a super swimmer _ runner for 2 different relays. Jake won his AG even after a hilarious bike handling incident involving a cone and obnoxious friends screaming. Funny pics, but I wish we had that on video, for Erin Merz's viewing pleasure. Lots of awesome times posted by TCSD folks, and Beth's stellar win. Oh yeah, and that Lance guy too.
kyle photo bombing Lance Armstrong @ Superfrog Tri
Monday was a masters swim. Today was a horrible GWL that I don't want to talk about, and I have to back that up with a run this evening. Kyle is gone for a bit; up to San Fran for Fleet Week. I hate it when he's gone, but it probably was good timing, as I attempt to find structure in my new training schedule.

Oh yeah, holy #indiansummer! Temps are crazy out here, and I hate to say this, but I'm actually looking forward to putting on arm/leg warmers this winter. All in all, I feel lucky to call San Diego home.