Sunday, October 3, 2010

Only to fall back down

Familiar? It just so happens that I haven't written in 3 months. Then I write. And talk about the accident. And what happens? I crash again. Same shoulder. 2 weeks before the wedding.

It's just so stupid. Life and random chance. So here it is:

Thursday night I was following Kyle on the pacific hwy as we were going up to Hillcrest to meet some of his friends. I looked away for a second, hit a bump, look back and I'm heading straight towards a giant curb. I scream. Slam on my brakes (I tend to over use my front break). Fly over my handlebars. Almost land on my feet, and then I look up. A fricken telephone pole. Right there. Right shoulder straight into it. Tears.

So that's it. Bethany and Chris come to pick us up. They put the bikes on the top and what happens next? They run over my front wheel. So my bike survives the crash, but not the car ride.

Frustrated? Yes. It's not nearly as bad as last time, and last time wasn't nearly as bad as Erin's. I think I'll be fine for the wedding (for dancing at least)...and hopefully for the honeymoon. Climbing! Tandem riding (although I can make kyle do all the work there).

Planning is coming along. Missing Kyle already. He's out to sea until the Tuesday night before the wedding, which is also the same night my mom gets in.

Don't crash your bike.

It's just so stupid. Life and random chance.