Tuesday, May 17, 2011


Updates via captions. Had a busy April/May.

I love my husband
My sister is gorgeous
Sprinting for the line is fun (far left)
so is winning.

amusement park after racing = super sunday!
Controlling a race with a teammate and strategy paying off = awesome!
More podium fun
tandem rides to baseball games w/hubby = fun thursday night.

walking on water is hard
traveling is fun (Feb12, 2012)
So yeah...I signed up for a race. My friend Brendan lives in Panama - and he's gracious enough to host me! Hubby will be on deployment, so it'll be a good way to busy myself with training while he's gone. My passport expires next year, and I've since changed my name, so I'll have to get that all switched here soon. So excited that I finally have something to train for and look forward to!!

Leadman Tri is also a possibility. Three mile swim, 140 mile bike and (only) 13.1 mile run - sounds like my kind of event, although it is hilly and HOT. It was apparently hell and back this year, so who knows what will happen next year, or if they'll put on the event again. Annie's wedding is around the same time (and I obviously won't be missing that since I'm a bridesmaid [ps - hilarious movie!!]) so time will tell. 

I've been teaching lessons at the Wave House in Mission Beach. So afterwards I've been jogging along the boardwalk and on the beach! It's much easier to motivate myself to run when the beach is a step away from the gym. Kermit got a little love this morning on a 50ish mile ride through Elfin Forest. I forgot how much a) I love my aerobars, and b) how long it takes to get used to my saddle - mmm fun times. Cove swims every once and a while; and of course Panikin tea afterwards. Bike racing has been in full swing and the cookie monster has been the steed of choice. Two W's and a couple of thirds - hopefully I'll be "catting" up here soon. 

My sis got hitched to a great man at the beginning of April - so we were in Phoenix for that. Gorgeous ceremony and a fun reception. 

Staying busy at work through the remodel. Cannot wait till the new space opens up! Bike fitting has been going really well...and I'm helping a lot of people get faster!

And finally - I love my husband. This month hasn't been easy. It seems, every day I have off, he has duty. Everyday he has off, I work all day and more. Such is life, and I've been learning to deal.