Tuesday, November 5, 2013

"So what's next?"

Since most people are past asking us "when are you having kids?"{we aren't} - that question has now been transformed to "what's your next race?"

My enthusiastic reply: "Nothing!"

So what if I don't want to be defined by kids or races? I know we are all looking forward, moving on, training to be better/faster/stronger. Which is why the off season is so neglected by most in the endurance world. {or baby making world for that matter.} But we all need time to heal, mentally and physically.

you can't have a rainbow without a little rain.

Ironman takes a toll. I have no idea how people do multiple a year, year after year, and still maintain a balanced life. See, I'm not someone who can go half-assed into something {so much for balance}. I am an athlete, yes and a competitor. So when I sign up to compete, I go into that season with purpose. And with a finish line. What happens beyond that line isn't more regimented swim/bike/run. It's sleeping in, hanging out at our local favorite spots later than usual, teaching swim lessons, and relaxing!

Technique coaching for TCSD!

As I've said before, there are no A, B, C racing labels for me. I go into every race with the intention to RACE. Yes, my coach may alter my training plans leading up to and following a mid-season race, but that doesn't mean I take it easy. Tahoe was an end of season race, so I had the luxury of taper-time before. As a swimmer, we had many meets during our season, and I raced every one of them to my best ability at that time. And when that off-season came, I gladly took it off. After my collegiate senior season, I took off years from competing.

And then I moved to San Diego and my competitive drive could no longer be suppressed. I was welcomed into the so-called endurance capital of the nation. The land of sunny, 70 degree days. The weather doesn't take an off-season here, so why should we?

Because it's unhealthy to be so healthy all the time!

a cloudless morning out at the tidepool repeats.

Post Tahoe hasn't been quite the fall from the endurance planet as St. George was. I got an entry to the Tiki Swim for being a 5+ year volunteer for the JCC TCSD swim program, which was a week post IM. I froze my little butt off but had fun jumping back into the ocean again. A week later I had a crazy idea to race Bonelli Tri cause Kyle had a cyclocross race 20 min away immediately following and Jeremy hooked us up with a place to stay. After struggling through that race, my body was screaming for time off. I was intent on riding the wave of fitness as far as possible until it brought me crashing to the beach.

Bonelli triathlon. fun swim/bike, not so fun run. 

I've continued my PT as that nagging hamstring that cramped so badly on the bike in Tahoe has been pulling at my knee. Freaking left side of my body continually failing me. Gotta love the healing hands at Function Smart {UCPT}.

left leg love: ionto, ultra sound/stim, compression boots

Kyle and I celebrated our three year anniversary with a {free} trip to Sea World and dinner at our favorite fancy local spot, 3rd Corner. {never a disappointment!} I got him a "to be made" custom leather belt from the local leather store in OB; can't wait to see the finished product.

3rd anniversary tandem to 3rd Corner

Kyle is off to Germany for work training for the month. Such is the life of a Navy wife. Don't feel bad for me, however, he's the one freezing his little booty off in the woods. I have a plenty on my calendar to keep me busy. I went to see the play, "The Last Goodbye" with Sara and Arlette on Sunday night at The Globe in Balboa Park, which was excellent by the way. Mom is stopping by for a quick visit this weekend and I'm headed to Portland with Erin to see Erin M the weekend before his return!

Love this new Fizik tape. A preview of what's to come in 2014!

I've been back on my {road} bike and I've made it out to the Tues/Thurs Moment tidepools ride now, almost enough to call it regular. It's been over a month since that frozen day in Tahoe and I still don't have a finish line on my horizon, and I'm okay with that! Looking forward to a full road racing season with the awesome ladies of the Moment Race Team. {Join! Join! email me for deets, 16 women so far!} For now, it's just unstructured, power meter-less, local rides. But who am I kidding, the Strava is still turned on. You can't turn off the competitor inside. :)

As you can tell, I have a slight obsession with the app Over.
Photo credit to Nordica
Click on this photo and check out those rain drops!