Monday, October 12, 2009

forever and again

"The Race":
I'm back. A month and a half hiatus and "the race" is to blame. Well, it's over. And apparently it was well received. We (Moment Cycle Sport) worked our asses off to pull this event off. It feels so good to have that first race behind us...and without a major incident. Race directing isn't for the faint of heart. It takes a great amount of planning, money, time, organization, implementing, and decision making abilities to put on a race. I can't even explain how many major events of this race happened last minute. Water? Donated Thursday night. Tech T's? Ordered 1.5 weeks out, arrived Thursday. Awards? Ordered Thursday. Banners, signs, posters? Finalized Wednesday. Let's just say we know how to negotiate. Race went well. Here I am wearing one of my many hats of the weekend setting up the transition rack legs (they were heavy!). It got hot out, and yes I'm wearing compression socks. I have a few people to thank for making these days a little easier. Volunteers rock. I have no pictures of the race. Sad. Here are the 25-29 top 5 boys stolen from facebook. Fast guys, two of which are my training buddies. Congrats Steve and Jake. Moving backwards: Vegas and Interbike. Deserving of it's own post. Here are some pictures of an amazing "vacation."Training and Season Planning:
31 weeks out from Ironman. Working on building a run base and staying consistent on the bike. I re-joined the Mission Valley Y and started up Masters swimming again. I figured it would be good to hop back in the pool, have a treadmill ready for when I'm feeling crazy (or cold in the "winter") and the option for free yoga when my body needs some elongation. I did the September club race (first triathlon back since the crash) and the team and individual time trial which will all be in another post.

Run: Plan is for 3x a week. 1 long run, and two 4 mile runs. Long run increases 1 mile a week. After reaching 8, then one of the 4 milers will start to build as well. 3 weeks build, one week recovery/maintenance. I did my long run of this week; 6 miles. Thursday will be another 4, and the club race on Saturday morning will be the 2nd four. Sunday I step it up to 7, and have a semi recovery/taper week as I head into SOMA weekend.

Bike: Get saddle time on Kermit. This is going to be hard. Road race team (Moment Cycle) has our first meeting this Wednesday to talk about the up coming season, which happens to fall during IM training. Balance, and getting at least one ride a week in on kermit will keep me used to the aero position. I had some problems getting back into it after riding the Parlee exclusively this summer for a while (before and after crash). Since then, and putting more time back on the tri-bike, I have seem increased speed and comfort. Road 30miles today on Fiesta with the boys (Evan and Jake), 65 miles yesterday up to San Clemente with a train ride in the middle. I've been trying to do the Moment rides as well as my last GWL on Kermit. In fact, I can't remember the last time I rode the Parlee.

Swim: Masters has been a blast getting back into. Leading my lanes, getting back to the 1:15pace, and attempting I.M (That's individual medley, not Ironman) - and failing miserably at full stroke butterfly, making me realize the shoulder isn't up to par. It feels pretty strong during the freestyle sets, and really that's all I need. There's something about cranking out 3k in 50 min that's just so satisfying. Last Wednesday I ran 4 miles on the treadmill and then swam masters. Apparently I was a little stressed with the race.

Feeling good, keeping positive, and getting ready for this winter of training. I signed up for the Carlsbad Half Marathon in January. I know right, a running only race?! Who am I? 103 days out.

Fun Times: Yeah I do things other than work and train. Again deserving of it's own post. I had a bbq over labor day weekend. Game night in the backyard.So, goodbye for now, but not for long. I'm back. Training, blogging, and working on something besides "the race." Things that got put off until after "the race" are now being taken care of. It's been forever, but I'll be back again. Soon.