Thursday, September 30, 2010

Almost Married!

So the last post was my engagement. :) That was almost 3 months ago. What have I been up to you may ask? Nothing. Well nothing on the triathlon front.

It's weird for me to write this, but here it goes. I got burned out. Ironman took away any triathlon life I had left. I trained so hard and with so much focus for one race and one date. For nine months. I have postpartum.I did a few races, (Carlsbad...which I didn't even report about! -won my AG) and SDIT, but with very limited training in between. After Carlsbad I found out I needed to have surgery for my Crohn's Disease, so after that, and the recovery (with no activity allowed) I got complacent at doing nothing.

2 Surgeries in the last year hasn't made my life any easier (both issues have come back) and it makes me wonder why I pay so much for healthcare when modern techniques don't seem to be working. Getting myself healthy and happy should be priorities, but instead have been pushed under the rug because of work and life.

So what have I been up to? Work. Ready? - Within a day we were told we were going to move the shop. And we had to be out in 5 days. An entire bike shop. With 3 years of (forgive my vulgarness) *shit piled into every nook and cranny. Oh, and the last day happens to be less than 2 weeks before the race that we happen to put on. Oh, and the owner and his fiance who also happens to work here are then getting married 2 weeks later. Oh, and yeah, then I'm getting married 2 weeks after that.

Great Planning.

Suffice to say I didn't get much ME time during that time (now). Much less sleep, Kyle, exercise, good food, family, friends, relaxing or anything else time. It was work.
One of those work related events was the San Diego Triathlon Classic. One of my favorite and least favorite times of the year, somehow we pulled off another great race. It was another year, another successful event that went and out-did itself again. Thanks to our hard work. It's great to see so many people out there racing and having fun. Enjoying the fruits our our labor. Unfortunately one of my best friends got hit by a car during the race. After beating Macca out of the water. I have never felt so sorry for someone and so helpless. She is strong and is a fighter. She's having shoulder surgery soon and has a long road to recovery. She is in my thoughts always. Best of luck with your recovery, Erin.
As a race director, you love to see happy volunteers, like this young lady above who handed out finishers medals all day! (Thanks to all my awesome volunteers!)

And you hate to see what happen to Erin, happen. You feel bad for the guy who cuts their foot on a rock in the water. You rush to get an ice pack for a lady who slipped on the sidewalk. When I heard that it was Erin who was hit, I couldn't stop crying. I somehow had to pull myself together to make sure the rest of the race was holding together. Get more cups to that far aid station! Who's getting the awards to the stage? Where's the pizza? Make sure there are volunteers at bike out! All while she is the only person I'm really thinking about. Watching Steve ride back to transition was heart breaking.

For all who care; it was the driver's fault (obviously). He did a u-turn through cones onto the bike course. She hit the driver's side rear door and broke the glass. She has a grade 3 shoulder separation. She's been a swimmer her entire life and this will be the longest time she has been out of the water.

Obviously I have a little personal experience with a similar injury. (although mine was way less severe, and I was at fault). But I'm back.

So Fri-Sat of the race I had a 41 hour day. It was crazy. I went out to wine steals with Erin M after the race and had a blast. Sunday morning I woke up early and swam under Erin H's name at the Sharkfest. It was fun to get back into the ocean. Without a wetsuit! I some how managed to swim the one.whatever miles across the San Diego Bay in a decent time. I actually exited the water with the lead swimmers...and I walked across the finish line. Little did I know that if I had ran, I would've won. It didn't matter anyway, I disqualified myself for racing under another person's name. (as a race director, you'd think I'd know - well I did, but it meant a lot to me to race for her).

What else? Planning a wedding. It's going to be a small ceremony on Sunset Cliffs and reception in our back yard. Basically a celebration with our family and friends and a big party. It's hard planning a wedding on a budget and with a 3 month time period, but I've somehow made it work. Hopefully it comes together on our big day. Kyle is out to sea until right before, so that'll be interesting as well. Such is the life of a soon to be navy wife. :)

So it's been a crazy month...only to get more crazy once the guest start to arrive in less than 2 weeks! Bachelorette party is 2 weeks from today. Contact my sister for more info. Sure to be good times.

Here's a look back at this summer.Kyle singing the marriage license. Kyle cooking his finest (oatmeal) on a (very hot) trip to J-Tree. Mission Gorge climbing.

We also went to Big Bear/Holcom Valley/Lake Perris over Labor Day weekend. I had 2 days off in a row, so we took a vacation up there. Beautiful country. We climbed, bowled, went down an alpine slide (awesome!!), swam in a warm lake (finally!), climbed, and got closer.

So it's not all bad. :) I have a great fiance helping me along the journey of life. I've learned that running, biking and swimming didn't define who I was and it's okay to take a break. Even if it's half a season. I will be back. Don't get me wrong, I miss Kermit dearly. He's currently at the shop waiting his turn patiently.

I've learned that work cannot dominate your life or it will become your life. I am back on track and moving forward. Very much looking forward to some "me" and "us" time on our Honeymoon!

Looking forward to being beautiful inside and out on our day. I LOVE my dress. :) Looking forward to the craziness that is to come...because it's all good! Looking forward to celebrating with my family. Most of all, I'm looking forward to spending the rest of my life with my best friend Kyle.