Thursday, September 18, 2014

Training Calendar vs Life Calendar

I'm heading to Tahoe 70.3 with mixed emotions. I'm excited to race my heart out, but at this point I'm feeling more like a participant. Taking a look at my training calendar the past month...yeah, um...crickets. 

My life calendar on the other hand has been rather packed with work and fun. Unfortunately we can't have it all and something had to give. And for once, I was okay with it being athletics. 

After Kyle's hospital stay and subsequent tests, I lost a lot of motivation. Looking back, I can't believe how well I handled it, but I'm glad I didn't push myself. As much as I tried to smile through and hide it, the stress was present. And making myself feel guilty over missed workouts was not the solution. 

Soon after, we slid into tri classic mode at the shop which leads to long days, missed lunches, and too much Mt. Dew and Dr. Pepper. We had another great event and it really felt like we had our sh*t together this year. {good job Sara! and super thanks to my husband for all his "voluntold" work. He's the best.}

i love my volunteers. especially him.
omg i need this bike.

Three days after the Classic, JT drove us to Vegas for Interbike {so much for catching up at work!} and we enjoyed two and a half days out there. Long days standing and walking make it pretty hard to find motivation to run. Jim and I flew back late on Thursday night {9/11} and I didn't get to bed till after midnight. 
#nbd - yah - Taylor Phinney

Friday afternoon I was back on a plane with Kyle to Seattle for my cousins wedding. We had a fantastic time at the Copper Creek resort at the base of Mt. Rainier. Simply gorgeous. She had almost the entire side of the family out there, so it was awesome to catch up! Besides the bride and groom, baby Jax stole the show. And I was glad for his snuggles and giggles. Family time is the best, and sadly it went by way too quickly. It was so great to see everyone, and especially my grandpa. Thanks to Molly and Bill for being the best hosts ever. 

gorgeous hannah and pop Bill
gordon family
jax being mr. handsome

#onaduck in Seattle
Kyle + I at Mt. Rainier
Hannah's husband Michael restores VW's. This was their guest book.

Sunday night we all shacked up in one hotel suite and it kinda felt like a college trip I took to Winnipeg. Kyle and I grabbed the early flight back to San Diego for a long day back at work. We worked Monday-Wednesday and started today at Kyle's 0-dark thirty wake up call for departure to Lake Tahoe. And the land of fires. {Well, that's all of California}

Phew. Exhausted reading all of that? I rode my bike on Wednesday and felt great. Usually taper weeks have me feeling down. I'm kinda hoping I can roll from the fitness I had this spring. But I'm okay with whatever race day throws at me. Know that I'll be fighting till the end. Channeling all of that Jens Voigt hour record energy. #shutuplegs

And it's vacation time!