Monday, October 20, 2008

Pumpkinman Race Update

Vegas baby… sometimes you’re just outta luck… sometimes things roll in your favor.
Last minute change of plans had my bike riding with Nikee on Thursday and me riding with Stephen and Anatoly on Friday, while Paul flew in because he had to work. The drive out wasn’t bad at all. Friday afternoon we got our race packets and hung out at the expo. A yummy Italian dinner followed. We all stayed at the Hacienda and had an early 5am wake up call on Saturday. Paul and I had to ride our bikes to the race start (downhill) and of course

I got a flat. Sometimes you’re just outta luck.

Are you kidding me!!! Start changing it…um the spare tube had a manufactures hole it in (gaping at the seam). Thanks JT. Paul so graciously gave me his after riding all the way down to get the car and the pump. Anatoly and Stephen had to race (7:00 start) but luckily our waves weren’t until an hour later. Here we are, walking our bikes into transition at 7:45 when all of the half distance racers were actually transitioning out of the swim. Lovely. Got my area set up and somehow managed to get a decent swim warmup in before my wave started.

Horn! The swim was off and going really well. I was out in front, stroke for stroke with another girl and feeling amazing. Turn at the first buoy and head into the sun. Man this is fun, lake swimming in a gorgeous area. Turn the 2nd buoy. Something doesn’t feel right with my timing chip strap. "Ignore it. You’re fine. Keep kicking, at the next buoy turn it on and smoke this girl. CRAP!"

My timing chip fell off. Sometimes you’re just outta luck.

"Turn around. Look. Look harder through tinted goggles in dirtyish water. Grab it! Attach it. Onward. Try to catch that gold cap passing all the blue cap slow men. Don’t push it too hard, swim your race. Sweet, you’re back in the game. Turn at the 3rd buoy and then turn it on. Kick. CRAP!"

My timing chip fell off. Again. Sometimes you’re just outta luck.

F-it!! I tried shoving it in my wetsuit. Failed. Water flooding in. I ended up carrying it in my fist the entire last 500 yards. I was swimming sloppy and frustrated. Try swimming with your hands in a fist for 500. Compare it to your regular stroke. Hmmm. Not a way to race. Headed into T1 exhausted and now running uphill to my bike. Calmed myself down, ate a gu, made sure my earplugs were securely in my T1 bag since this was a point to point race and headed out.

My front wheel was on backwards. Sometimes you’re just outta luck.

Somehow in the madness of the tire mishap my front wheel was put on backwards. Which doesn’t affect performance, but my computer wasn’t registering. I stopped and tried to mess with it, but gave up hoping it would just turn off. Luckily it did because I think I would’ve been frustrated at how slow I was going up all those HILLS! Holy hilly course! I had water and powerbar endurance drinks and forced myself to eat another gu after hawking up a lung. Yes I’m still sick…and out of luck. Here's a pic of me trying to hammer. I never noticed I match my bike...pretty! After the longest hill of my life I headed into T2 in a randomly good mood. Put on my shoes and new TCSD visor and ran out. Hmm legs aren’t feeling so great. But you are used to this. Just warm up, and then go. Mile 2 still hurting. Calves cramping. I hear someone yell "I finally caught her!" and look back. It’s Mark Kenney from the club. Oh hey mark! He asks how I’m feeling and offers me a salt tablet. Saved my life. He was off but I ran into him again on mile 3 where his quads were acting up. We ran together on mile 3-5 which was an awesome motivation! One finally uphill for the day. The announcer said my name as I crossed the finish line putting my arms into the air.

I was the 2nd women and 8th overall for the swim.
I got 7th in my age group.
I went under an hour for 10k.
I finished my first Olympic distance triathlon. Sometimes things roll in your favor.

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Paul said...

Sweet race Rachel!! Awesome job on that 10K. Talk about overcoming some tech issues before the race! How did you lose your chip?