Tuesday, October 14, 2008


This weekend I attended the Underwater Hockey Pacific Coast Championships.
Words to describe a weekend: Fin keepers, college friends, 14 hours in a Yukon, sinus pressure, Aerobed, snorkel breathing. Fun or not so fun? You decide:
Took a half day on Thursday when Stephen, Des and I started on the long trek up north to San Jose (skipped the swim/run cause of sickness). Made it to the hotel and stayed with Stephen, Anatoly, Mysti, Greg and new friend from DC Mark. Mysti thought of us and brought the Aerobed! Hurray for no uncomfortable floor sleeping the entire weekend! Friday the round robin games began. 3 games, 3 losses. But I did score the first goal! Saturday we played 4 games and again lost all 4. College friends Kayley and Nick living in Reno, NV made the drive down to watch my last game and grab a bite to eat at Gordon Biersch. It was so great to see them! Sunday was tournament time. We lost to the Canadian Women Worlds team but actually scored 3 goals (after being blanked in our first meeting). We lost the 2nd game but I felt more aware of everything. Finally, in our final game of the weekend…WE WON! Woohoo! After 9 games we finally got in a win. After freezing our butts off at the pool the entire weekend we finally won. After battling sinus pressure and a nasty cough we finally won. Unfortunately the Open team didn’t have the same success. This whole weekend was a learning process for me; new (to me) rules, refereeing, wearing real fins, and playing my position. The banquet was Sunday evening: Yummy lasagna, bread hunks, caesar salad, and beer! After some socialization Stephen and I had to leave because I had to work on Monday (boo). He was nice enough to suffer the drive the entire way back home. A 4am arrival made for a pretty harsh Monday. I made it to work on time, but took a half day after lunch to catch up and try to kick this sickness before Pumpkinman this weekend!! Went to JCC last night for a 1200 yard “swim.” This morning I went for a quick run just to get my legs back into it after floating/kicking all weekend. I’m going to hop on my bike tomorrow morning, take Thursday off, and head out to Vegas on Friday! JT asked Guru to take a picture of my bike in the process…I hope they can!!

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