Friday, October 3, 2008

Water Logged...

and no dryness in sight! Yesterday I got back to the Thursday routine of Dale's masters swim followed by Chad run (after drifting last week with the crazy trail run). The workout was great. 12x 300s and some underwater 25s. Chad and I ran 4 miles. It was slow, but I felt okay. Last night I went to my second underwater hockey practice. I got to sub point for point, so it was less tiring getting to sit out more, and made it easier to actually play when I was in. And Des let me borrow his mask which fit significantly better than my first time and made the entire experience more enjoyable.

This may be my 4th post about the amazinigness of the cove. But this is serious. It doesn't get much better than waking up for a sunrise swim other than looking forward to a sunset swim this evening.
Today I met Nikee, Cammie, Mark, and Brian at 6:15am in La Jolla for Cammie's Sunrise "Sunday" Swim. She's out of town this weekend, so it was changed to Friday. I braved the weather and didn't wear my wetsuit...and didn't freeze! It was actually nice once outside the beginning cove section. Nikee and I swam to the 1/2 mile buoy, chatted for a bit, and headed in before I got too cold. Took some pictures and headed to the coffee shop for an XL hot chocolate. mmm!

Not sure if there will be swimming in my Saturday, but I am a swim buddy Sunday for the Mission Bay triathlon. (another early morning!) Back to JCC on Monday. Two weeks till we leave for Pumpkinman!
Bike, oh how I long for you. :)

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Rach - love that your blog is Sioux Girl colored... ps, saw a license plate the other day that read


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