Wednesday, October 8, 2008

(underwater) hockey

Not too much new…yet this will become extended. Friday evening I biked to the cove, swam without a wetsuit at my threshold of coldness. Saturday morning started out with a bang. Or I suppose a pop. I was filling my tires with air and was having problems with the pump (Stephen’s). He jammed it on and then couldn’t get it off. Seriously, it was stuck. Using excessive force trying to separate the pump, the stem broke free from the tube and caused a flat. F it! We’re going to B&L. After suffering embarrassment walking along the 101 carrying my bike with the pump still attached and trying to explain what happened to the mechanic, our problem was solved. He also changed my tube in record time. After being ridiculed by Des we all finally rolled out biking the Swami’s loop through the Elfin Forest. Mmmm…Pizza Port at the finish. Napping, more underwater hockey, and a pool party at Mysti’s rounded out Saturday.
Sunday was an unfortunately early wakeup as I volunteered to be a swim buddy for the Mission Bay Triathlon. It rained Saturday night. The water quality was nasty and now I’m sick. Lovely. Went for a 4 mile noon run with Chad at Fiesta, where I felt amazing (even hungover!) Met up with the crew at Princess Pub for Bethany’s Scavenger Hunt. We formed our teams and headed out for fun in the streets of downtown San Diego. After a slow start, my team kicked it into high gear and made it back with seconds to spare. And, WE WON! Here’s a pic of the winning team and the birthday girl. (Brendan, Me, Bethany, Katrina and Julie). Yes I’m Michael Phelps chewing my gold. Monday I went for a quick run (my best time on my usual loop) and then to a Tai restaurant for Bethany’s real birthday celebration. Tuesday was Cabrillo ride where I felt like crap and went home for a brick nap rather than run. After work I decided to go to what will from now on be called hockey practice. On Saturday I was convinced/peer pressured to join the San Diego mixed team in San Jose for the Pacific Coast Championships this weekend. They are short a girl. I figured any extra practice would help since I’ve played now 4 times in my life. Mysti brought her extra fins which made a huge difference in comparison to the duck feet flippers I was borrowing from the bin.
Today brings an off day! Yeah for taper! Tomorrow (sickness dependent) will be Dale’s swim/Chad run possibly. I’ll probably have to come into work early, since I’m leaving early for the tournament. Looking forward to the new adventure in California…and the long drive up I5.

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Nordica said...

Rach... I seem to remember you winning the sioux girl scavenger hunt my freshman year... and seem to remember you had to steal a bottle of white sauce from Red Pepper to do it. FYI, there is a little red Red Pepper Mini Cooper running around GF with a license plate that says "MINI RP"