Monday, April 27, 2009

Bun Boy Motel

This past weekend the Moment Cycling team gathered in Baker, CA...home of the world's tallest thermometer. As Wiki says, it's located adjacent to the famous Big Boy restaurant, which also happens to be adjacent to the infamous Bun Boy Motel. Wow. Voted #1 of 3 hotels in Baker on Trip Advisor. Sweet. Thanks to team capt Brian Wilson for booking this place. I tagged along for fun since the back injury has been holding my training up.

Brian, Stephen, Seth, Ben, Shaun and JT after the race in front of the motel
We left SD pretty late arriving at our destination around midnight. An early wake up call and the race was off. The road wasn't closed but there were some state patrol cars following the packs. Key notes from the race director (who was also racing), "Center line = death. Do not go near it!" Alicia and I tagged along as team cheerleaders/SAG wagon/photographers, driving along the 65 mile out and back course. Feed station was interesting as the bag of gatorade I was passing to Ben busted open as he's grabbing it. Bottles flying all over the road...thank goodness for roadies and their bike handling skills; no one crashed!
Stephen and Seth all smiles before the race.Cat 5's on the course heading back. Shaun and Stephen, riding in the pack.
The race went well. The course was in the middle of the desert with no shade and no hills. Pretty much the same scenery the entire course. Nice choice boys. Made it home in time for Katrina's 30th Birthday party. Sunday we slept in and rolled out around 11am for my first ride back since my back injury. It went alright. 53 miles. 3 hours. sunburned back. lol. I suppose a 3 hour ride during the strongest UV portion of the day in a tri top without sunscreen wasn't the greatest choice. My back and leg felt alight. Not all the way better, but tolerable. Got a call from Stephen Banister asking if I wanted to get in a chill cove swim. Of course! 1/2 mile buoy is back out, so we had a nice relaxing 1 mile swim. So beautiful. This is where I live. Floating through the rolling waves. Not too much planned for this week, as I'm still trying to recover. Wildflower this weekend! Hopefully I'll be able to push the swim by then.
Oh I've been "cooking" lately. That isn't all's chicken broth. Thursday we had tri-tip with bacon wrapped scallops and yummy garlic potatoes. Got the scallops from Point Loma Seafood. Mmm. Sunday we made homemade pizza and watched Slumdog Millionaire. recommended. Last week I made bow tie pasta with homemade Italian sausage meat sauce. Mom, you'd be proud. (uh, I think we are having Chinese takeout tonight; that's Stephen's idea of cooking for me)

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