Wednesday, April 15, 2009

training with technology

After my fit stop testing I was interested to see which zones I'm training at. It's only been a week but the results have been shocking. Apparently my body really likes zone 5.
These were my results, keep in mind they are bike results on an indoor trainer. Add 5-7 beats for running.
Zone 1: 131-149
Zone 2: 150-168
Zone 3: 169-179
Zone 4: 180-186
Zone 5: 187-193 vo2maz
Zone 5: >194 anaerobic endurance

Test 1: Thursday I went on JT's cabrillo ride to test out the ticking heart on those killer hill repeats. hmm max 200bpm. lol. Went on a 20 mile ride, and Stephen had the monitor for 2 hills, but my average was somewhere around 160 for the entire ride. Probably about 25 in zone 4 and 5min in zone 5.

Test 2: Thursday after the ride, run coach put out a test. I programmed Garmin to do the following with the results in parentheses:
15 min warmup (157bpm zone 2)
5x3min at 8:15-8:30 with 1min rest in between
(#1 8:19 pace 185 zone 4)
(#2 8:15 pace 183 zone 4)
(#3 8:34 pace 182 zone 4)
(#4 8:07 pace 190 zone 5)
(#5 8:13 pace 189 zone 5)
10 min cooldown (185 zone 4)
Total run was 4.68 miles 176 average HR 44min

Test 3: Bethany met me at mission bay on Friday after work where run coach had me on schedule for a HR ladder.
15 min warmup (165 zone 2)
5 min zone 3 (172)
3 min zone 4 (181)
1 min zone 5 (193)
3 min zone 4 (183)
5 min zone 3 (177)
10 min cooldown
Somehow I managed to get this right on, but I felt like crap. 4.24 miles.

Test 4: Race Day!
11:31 swim felt strong. I was wearing my HR chest monitor so when i got to my bike in transition I put on the Garmin. 197!! wow, apparently transition runs are harder than I thought.
36:35 bike. It was windy and began to rain on the 4th lap. lovely. HR only got down to 193 after first lap and I couldn't get control. I also was breathing too hard to drink. Total bike average was 191 for 12.5 miles at 20.8mph pace. Uh zone 5 for 36 min. awesome.
33:09 run. 1st lap 18:07. ouch. 187 HR 9:00 pace 2nd lap 15:02 196 HR 7:30 pace.
4th place overall. 191 average HR; zone 5 for 1hr22 min. sweet. I lost to a lady in the final "sprint" due to my non-existent kick. The first two women are professionals training at the OTC in Chula Vista for the London Olympics. As for the weather, it was crap. Went home for a hot shower and a nap. Saturday afternoon was spent playing poker at a friends bbq. Delicious pork ribs.

Test 5: Ouch. Sunday Great Western Loop (clockwise).
Didn't wear the HR monitor because I didn't want to know how bad it was. Finished in 2:45 which is decent. Easter Sunday was spent at Mysti's parents house for a delicious dinner. Fun times on the VB court (bruised my wrist...I really wasn't meant for ball sports), on the trampoline and in the hot tub.

Test 6: Brick run on Tuesday after JT's ride. WTF, technology sucks! Garmin wasn't finding satellites for the first mile. No real data. 175 hr for the last 1.5 miles.

Test 7: Mile repeats. 1:30 walking in between each mile
15 min warmup (165HR 9:15 pace)
1 mile at 8:40-8:45 (178 HR 9:00) -still trying to figure out settings
1 mile at 8:25-8:30 (178 HR 8:36)
1 mile at 8:10-8:15 (185 HR 8:12)
1 mile at 8:00-8:05 (178HR 8:09)
cooldown (172 HR)
6.1 miles 174 average HR

I am so far impressed with what Garmin can do for me. I don't want to get too caught up in it, but I am a numbers person by nature. I'm used to swimming. Swim a pace, leave on an interval. I know what 1:15 vs 1:20 feels like in swimming. Learning to feel 8:30 from 8:15 isn't as easy...basically I'm feeling through HR...if I'm dying I'm trying. :) Run coach has been motivating and I think he's enjoying putting me through pain. I know my run is the weakest and I'm making a point to start getting strong. But it is about moderation. I'm having some hip and hamstring issues that are currently being dealt with. I had my first ART (active release therapy) session today and loved it. I found an awesome doctor located in liberty station (close to work and home!) and look forward to healing. Apparently my predictions about my right leg being longer are true. He's going to try to work through the issues, but I may need orthotics. Stim and heat...mmm back to college days of PT every day.

Looking forward to a fun weekend. Run and cove swim on Friday. Saturday is the San Diego Underwater Hockey Tournament. Some of us are biking from Solana to the wave house on Saturday morning before the games begin. Sunday is the Velodrome swap meet...maybe I'll find a gently used track bike! It's supposed to be a beautiful weekend...ah sunny san diego.

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