Tuesday, April 7, 2009


"Recovery" week went well. Velodrome kicked my butt, Tuesday was an off day, Wednesday was a beautiful Fletcher Cove solo swim, Thursday was UWH, Friday I cheered for the bike racers at their time trial at Fiesta Island before work followed by an evening cove swim, and Saturday was my first real day back.I opted for the tri club Del Mar ride. 7am came rather early, after staying up late losing a poker game. Roll out at 8 from Starbucks and somehow I ended up turning on La Costa with the faster, longer, hammer inland riders on our way to Oceanside. I felt okay till mile 18 and then got dropped. Mmm, last night is starting to catch up with me (mistake 1). I waited for the 2nd group to catch me since I, miss navigational skills, didn't know where I was going. I didn't really pay attention (mistake 2) and didn't get a route slip (mistake 3). Anyway, I ended up pulling this group once we got to the 76 bike path (finally some flats!). We made it to Oceanside to watch the Cal Half (Ironman 70.3) and cheer on my fellow TCSD'ers in my kit and these crazy knee high tie dye socks from a 6th grade YMCA swim meet. Oh, I wore them for the entire 32 mile ride. Yeah it's spring here, but it was 80 degrees on Saturday. Hungover. At least I looked cheery! :) Anyway, it was all for the racers and the spirit at the "Love Stop;" the rockin aid station. Watched Nikee kick some major booty out there, as well as Brendan who just finished Superfrog (i.e. he's crazy). Here she is with her BF James and Bob Marley, elated to only have 1 mile left!I hung out with roommate Katrina as she was cheering on BF Chris (awesome JCC participant). Anywho, a great day of racing...but I had to get myself back to Solana Beach, 20 miles, headwind, solo ride home. Yuck. 52 miles though. Solid day. Finished up with "Without Limits," the movie about Prefontaine. Awesome! Uh, apparently Friday caught up with me. I "took a nap" at 7pm on Saturday...didn't wake up till 9am Sunday. Mmm, sleep, oh how I missed you!
Sunday morning Stephen and I went to breakfast and the mall (what is that?!! haha, and I even got a new dress! pictured above) before heading to his final bike race of the weekend. No, he wasn't taken away in the ambulance behind us. I watched him circle around a .7 mile loop (Criterium) for 40 min and pull his teammates to the win. Go Moment Cycle Sport! Afterwards we headed to my first tri club meeting for some food. Here are some race pics.Monday was the 2nd to last velodrome class. We did Italian Pursuits which was a really fun team race. Legs were re-dead after a morning run that bothered my hip. Today I peeled myself out of bed in time for JT's ride and I'm glad I woke up to spin out my legs. Tomorrow I'm taking part in a performance study. They are taking my bike VO2 max, HR, power outputs, lactate levels, and body composition analysis...and in return I have to replace my workout water with a drink they provide for two months. Should be an interesting experience at least to see how I (should) improve over the course of the study...hopefully in time for SDIT! I'm sending in my form tomorrow as I noticed it's 89% sold out already. Decision made. Thursday is JT's again and a tempo brick run with my new run coach...we'll see how this goes. :) Club race on Saturday!Bob with his ladies, me, Nikee and Bethay at the tri club meeting. Bethany also experienced her first 3 day bike race this weekend. She worked her butt off...glad it wasn't me! Congrats to all the 70.3 participants/finishers and the brave bike racers as they endured near freezing temps in Alpine for their Saturday road race.

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Nikee Pomper said...

Thanks for the shout out sista! It was so great seeing you and your socks on during the run.

LOVE the new header picture!

Enjoy your night off tomorrow