Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Meet the Parents

It has been a busy last two weekends filled with families and triathlons. Trying to fit in sleep has not been a priority as it should've been before my race.

Two weekends ago Stephen's parents were in town from Vegas. Friday night was spent overeating at The Melting Pot! Sooo delicious! However, it took forever to receive all the courses...bed time was midnight. Ouch, 5:30am wakeup for the club race came way too fast. The race went well. There were a ton of people, as it was kind of the kickoff to the season. I think I placed 6th and ended up with a 1:19 which was around the same time as my November race. I swam with the 1st place girl, Lisa, and thought it was Elizabeth the entire time. Naturally I was down on myself, wondering if I got slower over the winter. Exited the water near the top but was kind of exhausted. It took a while on the first lap of the bike to get into it. Finished the bike strong and headed into the run. Most of the rest of the pack caught me on the 2nd loop. I did end up descending the run laps so that was nice. The rest of Saturday was spent eating (surprise, surprise) and hanging out at the Wild Animal Park in Escondido. I liked the monkeys and the giraffes. Sunday morning was a quick ride up the coast before the rain hit. Stephen wanted to try out his new position on his Guru. More food: Naked Cafe, Pizza Port, Beach Grass...the usuals. Yummy.

Last week was "taper" week. Uh, didn't run. Monday was track cycling (pursuits! holy lung burning!), Tuesday I did yoga with Bethany, Wednesday was an ocean swim at Fletcher, Thursday I road 35 miles commuting with Bethany, Stephen and Chris and heading home alone in a head wind. Friday was an early morning Cove swim. Saturday was a quick spin on the strand with Stephen after picking up our race packets. Sunday was race day!

Last Thursday evening my parents arrived to San Diego. They flew into Phoenix and stayed with my sister before bringing her and Kat over for the weekend. Friday I took a half day from work and we hung out in PB on the beach. Friday night we went to their old friends' house in El Cajon and had an amazing surf and turf dinner. Saturday we went to Pizza Port and hung out in Solana Beach before the dinner at Anthony's (not recommended). Sunday they came to support me at my race and I heard my mom on every lap of that bike and run course. Ah, I missed my parents and their amazing support. Triathlon has been kind of an individual sport for me. I've met a lot of friends along the way and I have some amazing training partners, but when it comes to racing, it's a pretty lonely sport. Thanks also to my roommates Katrina and Julie for coming out to support me. I think they were a little grossed out when I yelled, "I just peed!" during the end of the first lap. Goodbyes were quick as my family had to head back to Arizona.

Recovery is going alright. Walking is still a difficult task. Trying to take it easy this week, although yesterday I somehow did a couple paceline burnouts at track cycling practice. Tomorrow I'm heading back into the ocean for a very relaxed morning swim. This weekend I'm playing cheerleader, following my fellow TCSD'ers at Oceanside 70.3 and at the San Diego Omnium Bike races. Good Luck everyone!

So what's next? I haven't signed up for anything (well besides Utah) yet. Still deciding my travel plans for June. SDIT is the same weekend as Nationals for UWH (in MN) so that decision still has to be made. SOMA is more than likely going to be my end of the season half/kickoff to the Ironman training in October. In the meantime, club races are a staple.

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