Monday, April 20, 2009

picture post

Here are some unposted pictures that I'll let do the talking. Enjoy!
At PCC's in San Jose hanging in the sub box.
Again at PCC's. Ready? Go!The melting slush from Snow Summit on my board taken on the lift.
Stephen at the San Fran tourney holding the roses Toly bought for Mysti and I.
The gang waiting for the cable cars. Stephen, Pat, me and Vineet
Vineet and I hanging on the cable carStephen and I at velodrome practice
Rainbow! Stephen in red, me in green and Nikee in purple. "on the fence" at velodrome. I believe that's Andy, Bethany's crush, in the swami's blue.
Osamu's picture of me at the April club I look fast!

Currently injured. Not really feeling like talking about it...low back is "stuck" and currently seeing an ART specialist/chiropractor. Had a fun laid back weekend. Two small bike rides, and the San Diego Underwater Hockey tournament. We got 4th. Had fun going out with everyone on Friday and Saturday night. Tomorrow a group of us are heading back to the Velodrome to watch the Tuesday night racers. Wednesday is my 2nd VO2 max testing...hopefully my back will hold out. Parting Glances:The perfect marshmallow for the perfect s'more. Fall Arizona trip to visit Meg.New Years party at the Doyle's (mystique's parents)

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Mary said...

Hi! Love the pictures and the blog! Bummer about the injury. I'm dealing with the same stuff = no all!