Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Injured Weekends

Are no fun...but it does mix things up a bit. Other than that one long Sunday ride two weeks ago and 1 JT ride, I haven't been on my bike in 3 weeks nor have I run. This is seriously killing me. It's hard to watch all my friends race on Saturday (I volunteered at the club race) or ask about which ride, where, is next. It's hard to take vacation time to see the chiropractor/ acupuncturist/ doctor/ physical therapist or just lay in bed in pain. It's hard to understand why I hurt and why it isn't getting better. It's just plain hard to stay positive.
This weekend, however, was nice. Friday night, Stephen and I went to Julie's ballet at Spreckles Theatre downtown. It was beautiful and the last act even had a live orchestra. It was her last performance with her company and she will be moving on this summer, starting courses as Mesa College. Saturday I volunteered at the club race in Coronado. This was my first club race last year and as much fun as I had body marking with James and Nikee at the mandatory stop, I couldn't help wishing I was out there racing. Afterwards I went home, took a nice nap, cleaned my room (much needed!) and then headed to Moment Cycle with Stephen for new tires. We then went to Star Trek - such a great movie!! I'm not a trekie, yet I watched alot as a child (thanks dad) and this movie was very well done. Back to the shop for JT and Lynne's engagement party. Somehow we ended up in Pacific Beach and partied with the team at Firehouse and Open Bar. Yes, I went out in PB.
Sunday morning I had a coaching session with a couple guys at the Coronado pool. I started private lessons and am offering them to anyone who wants/needs to improve their technique...i.e. Get Faster! Anyway, that was fun and the pool is beautiful. The afternoon was spent on the a boat! I was just telling someone how much I missed Minnesota because I missed being out on the lake, skiing, tubing and enjoying the a boat. Bethany’s friend Chris owns a boat and has it in a slip in Mission Bay. We headed out into open ocean and had a blast just chillin, enjoying the sun. I even jumped in. The water was 62, and without a wetsuit it was refreshing. Looking forward to a sweet summer, tubing and waterskiing in the bay. (My back needs to get better immediately.) After the boating expedition we went to Stephen B’s house for some Lobster…that Chris caught! Matched with sweet potatoes, salad, and some interesting pistachio pudding, dinner was a hit. 7 weeks until San Diego International. :) Yeah I got in…through a secret backdoor. Look for me volunteering at the timing chip booth at the expo.

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