Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Life in SD

Monday night at swim practice I was doing a little thinking. All of this negativity surrounding my injury is not who I am. I know I need positive thoughts (along with PT) for a quicker recovery. Here's what I came up with:
I live in San Diego.
I get to swim long course in an outdoor pool at night. The moon is beautiful through goggles.
I get to ride my bike in the morning. Foggy or sunny, the Cabrillo National Monument rocks my Tues/Thurs mornings.
I have to run. But at least it’s along a trail by the bay, in the sun. No snow involved.
I have a job? yuck. bad topic.
My family loves me. Even though I don't see them often enough.
I'm active. In a city that only fosters an active lifestyle.

Toly and I chillin in the shade (stolen from facebook from john's ipone)

This past weekend I went to LA for an underwater hockey potluck tournament (without Stephen A, who introduced me to the sport last October). It was a hot day but the pool temp was nice. The bottom was not so nice (read: slow). My team finished third and received trophies. This was my first tournament being on a "winning" team. Hmm...maybe I'm getting better. I headed back late Saturday night and woke early for the Encinitas Triathlon. I volunteered to be a swim buddy and ended up swimming with 3 racers and 1 swimmer who was doing the 1 mile ocean swim. Probably ended up swimming over 4,000 yards...very slowly! Nah, it's all in good fun and I'm glad all my swimmers finished this year. The surf wasn't as crazy, so that helped calm the nerves. Sunday afternoon I also swam at the Coronado pool, coaching my new lesson takers. Made some cabobs with Stephen B for dinner and I was off to bed for an early night after a long weekend. Stephen A is in Italy for 2 weeks...and he gets to see the Giro! Unfair, yes.

Sadly I haven't ran in over 3 weeks. I lost my fitness as seen by my huffing and puffing up tide pools this morning. Hey, at least I'm back on the bike. I'm going to Minnesota in a little over two weeks for Kayley and Nick's wedding as well as the Buffalo Triathlon. I switched my entry from Olympic to Sprint distance because again, nervous about the run. This of course means I will be actually racing my brother. Hmm...game on!

SDIT is in 6 weeks. Signed up for the Olympic distance as well. If I'm not ready for that, then I'll switch my entry to relay and have Bethany bike and Katrina run...that will be a kick a** team.

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