Wednesday, January 14, 2009

new home

Quick masters update.
4200 today.
Main set: 300's again!??!
8x300 Free
(at least it wasn't IM)
1, 2 on 4:00
3, 4 on 3:45
5, 6 on 4:00
7, 8 on 3:30
Joe, are you kidding? 1:10 pace, no way.
Again, I tried to finagle my way into the 1:20-1:25 base lanes, but somehow ended up circling with the lane one'ers. And dying! I made #7 by 3 seconds (2:27). #8 was 3:37...there was just no way I could hold on. The 10x50 cool down was essential. Yet I still had a headache for most of the day. I don't know what's wrong with me. When I pool swim with masters I can't swim slow. Ocean swimming is so relaxing. JCC swim, relaxing. Masters...freaking hard. In the end it'll be good for my speed and endurance. Gotta love a distance day on your 2nd day back. :) And yeah, I like the coach and my fellow swimmers who kick my tush; so Solana it is.
P.S. Swimming outdoors in January. Watching the sun rise through the main set. Ahh, the life of a Californian.
Tried (key word) to run after. Made it 2 miles. 2 slow miles. Too slow to post. :) But I got out there, and I suppose that's all that matters. Hopefully, in due time, things will change and I'll finally start feeling good on the run. Hopefully. Loving the garmin...lately it's been telling me how slow I'm actually going. And how high my heart rate actually gets.
Biking has been going well. Still making it to JT's ride up Cabrillo on Tues/Thurs and still managing to excuse myself from a brick's too cold, i'm too tired, i'm starving.
Alright Rachel, get back on track. You have a half ironman in 10 weeks. Holy crap, I just figured that out. Nervousness sets in.

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