Wednesday, January 7, 2009

2009 Goals

That's my word. I broke down all my goals, and they all boil down to that. I'm entering my first complete triathlon season this year with full force. I've had some time to think it through and here they are, My 09 season goals:
1. Take care of myself. Easy enough right? I know sleep and fuel are necessary for me to accomplish the rest of this list. Staying injury free is key. Do it.
2. Finish my first half ironman. See my race list below.
3. Maintain the self appointed Cove Swimming Princess crown. That means no wetsuit unless absolutly necessary (winter training), compete in an open water race, and attend every possibly Friday swim. And keep on lovin' that place. :)
4. Re-join a masters swim team. This is essential. I need to get back to 10k min a week.
5. Compete with the SD UWH team at nationals.

2009 Races

1. Superfrog Half Ironman 3/29
2. Wildflower Half Ironman 5/2
3. SDIT 6/29
4. Pendleton Sprint 8/8
5. As many club races as possible

Superfrog Goals:
finish. smile on the bike. keep running.
swim: :26
bike: 2:45 (21mph average)
run: 2:10 (not over 10:00/mile)
total: under 5:30
top 3 in my agegroup

Random Goals:
1. Love my bike like it's brand new.
2. Visit my family.
3. See the Grand Canyon.

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