Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Holy Masters!

Goal 1: on sale Christmas candy; Killer. Got some cherries to make up and curb the workday boredom eating problem.
Goal 2: in training. Running still sucks.
Goal 3: going well. Cove swimming has been a blast lately. I got off early on New Years Eve and went out for a quick swim followed by an Irish New Years celebration at a local pub in La Jolla. Fellow covers Mark, Nikee and Cami celebrated together. Last week a foggy Friday morning brought Nikee and me to the cove in the afternoon. We swam to the Marine Room and back and it was great! Goal 4: on my way to finding a masters team I like. First test: Solana Masters at the boys and girls club 5 blocks from Stephen’s apartment. Sunday morning. 10:00-11:15am. Initial reaction was positive. I chose the 3rd lane, thinking it would be a safe bet. A nice intro back in the water. Hmm, interesting way to put it, Rachel. After 2000 yards (probably tied for the longest pool swimming yardage since I left Mission Valley Y) of WARMUP (on 1:20 pace!) I was ready to move down lanes. Some peer and coach pressure led me to stay in the fast lanes. I don’t know what I was thinking. Chlorine is poison. The Set:
1: 50fly/50free 4: 50bk/50free 7:50br/50free on 4:15
2, 5, 8: 300 IM no free on 4:30
3, 6, 9: 300 Free on 4:00
Killer. That’s a 1:20 base. 1st day back. Killer.
I can’t believe I made it. 5 G’s when all said and done.
Longest practice since college.
Next beating: Wednesday AM swim 6:30-7:45.
Goal 5: played hockey last Thursday and had fun! Again, good to be back.

Last weekend Stephen and I headed to Borrego again for Commander Greg’s training weekend. We opted for the Saturday 60+ mile ride. We were reminded of the crazy bumpy road. The October trip was one of my last rides on my old bike and I was beat by the end. My new bike made for an easier, faster ride…but boy was my butt sore! The evening before I was crowned the best s’more maker in the world; sweet! I think it had something to do with my fancy roasting stick…and I suppose the golden brown amazingness (oops to goal 1).

Other than that I’m enjoying the warm January life in San Diego…giggling at the record negative temperatures back in Grand Forks. Suckers.

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Nikee Pomper said...

What a "Welcome Back to Masters" ass kicker! Damn, that workout sounds TOUGH! Way to stick with the faster lane