Monday, January 5, 2009


Before I give the Mammoth update I need to report on the happenings of today:
Woke up for JT's ride.
I left my helmet at Stephen's. Sweet.
Rode down Rosecrans without a helmet. Scary.
Borrowed a rental helmet from the shop. Stylish.
Dropped my Fu*king chain on the way up the tidepool hill. Sh*t.
Got my chain wedged in between my chain ring and frame. Double Sh*t.
JT removes my crank with a #5 allen to free chain. Skills.
My paint is chipped. Tears flowing as I type this.
I made it back to the shop and just left my bike with the doctors.
Also, I took a cold shower, locked myself out of my house and car and had to walk to work. It's Tuesday morning. This week is not going well. Also I had a non-existant brick run this morning. I just laid in my bed. I really need to get my butt into gear for this half training.
Alright enough's the Mammoth report.
Sweet! Another three day work week led to a long weekend at Mammoth Mountain snowboarding. Stephen, Greg and I headed up Thursday afternoon and got on the "hill" on Friday. We stayed wtih my cousin Dana and her boyfriend Adam at their condo in Mammoth Lakes. It couldn't have been any easier. The bus picked us up and brought us to the foot of the mountain. After a full day of boarding in some snow showers (with little visibility) we headed back. Goldschlager. Wood burning stove. Ax. Don't worry. I didn't chop off my arm...but I also wasn't successful at keeping the fire burning. I blame it on the wet wood. After a full night of fun, Anatoly and Mystique arrived to board with us on Saturday. A completly opposite day, sunny and beautiful. Greg took this picture from the gondola, which was actually open, so we made it to the top and got to experience the backside. We were all pretty tired, so we layed low at Dana's and headed out Sunday morning.
'09 goals to come soon.

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