Thursday, December 31, 2009


I was lucky enough to get some time off from work for another vacation! Kyle and I headed out to Arizona before Christmas. After a quick stop at my sisters for the guide book at 2 am we headed an hour further east to Queen Creek Canyon. Burr, it was quite cold setting up camp. So cold, we stayed in our 0 degree sleeping bags until 11am Wednesday.Of course, it can never be just a vacation, and with that comes mandatory Ironman training. So along came the bikes for a journey they won't forget. On tap: long ride - 60 miles, flat, maybe rolling hills. What we ended up with? The hilliest, slowest, almost most horrible 40 mile ride ever. It was actually comical at the end. You know those 10% grade next 2 mile signs with trucks on a triangle hill? I couldn't even count how many we saw. Average temp was 45. Guess who forget her vest? This girl. Guess who still doesn't have gloves? This girl. Seriously, you'd think I'd learn. But really, my thought is that the worst is over, and that now we are on the upswing, and it's going to get warmer. Right? Awesome. Had to cut the ride short, because we weren't going to make it back before dark. At the halfway point we stopped at Gordon's IGA for some hot chocolate, and I kid you not, a doughnut. Kyle is such a bad influence. But it was so yummy. So onward, and really upward. Stopped for a pee break and a random bush decorated for Christmas. We figured the best way to spread Christmas Cheer is to (sing loud for all to hear. Elf, anyone?) make it mobile! Made it back to the car and was really only held back by the sunlight, and the transition run I had to get in as well. So much for climbing. Ran back at the campsite. We gathered wood and made a fire. Oatmeal for dinner, as we both needed something to warm our insides before crawling into the tent for what was the coldest night. 24ish degrees. We woke up to frost everywhere!

Thursday I don't think it ever warmed up. The sun is so deceiving in the "mountains" of the Arizona desert. We went in search of a sunbaked climb, and ended up on a 4wd adventure with a 2wd xterra truck. It was a blast as we giggled our way over many rocks and bumps to the top of an amazing canyon. We actually got one climb in, and headed back to the car, for that same bumpy ride back to the highway. We spend Christmas Eve with Megan and her b/f Danny. They made some of the best ribs I've had. She clearly has a knack for cooking and got the best of the mom/dad genes in that area. Christmas morning came with many presents from our parents who spoil us. Tupperware, cool shoes, a down jacket. Santa et al were good to me this year. Grandma Viv and Grandpa LeRoy came down for Christmas dinner and it was nice to just relax. Although "just relax" came after an 8 mile run on Christmas, and a 30 mile bike the following day. On our way out, we stopped at Kyle's grandma's for some conversation and popcorn before heading back to San Diego.

It was a great Christmas, and rather sad again to not spend it with my entire immediate family. My parents and brother were and are truly missed. Thanks to them for making our day special with our satellite christmas. So a great vacation that led into another week of training, and another vacation over New Years that I'll write about soon! I'm also having a guest entry...get ready for some creepy pictures and an epic post!

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