Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Holidays! sooner...or later (V2)

Everyone loves holidays. People join together to celebrate. The cliche saying, "Eat, drink and be merry" tends to describe the happenings. So here the are: Halloween, Thanksgiving, and (pre) Christmas. Yes, it's catchup time! I've been slacking, and holding back some great pictures at that. I present: "holidays oh nine" brought to you in photo form.

Halloween oh-niner
Went out on the town in Ocean Beach, staying close to home. Erin, Elaine, and Jess met me at my house and we all went to OB to get our dancing on! Met up with Grayson and his roommates, and Kyle was able to meet us out as well. As you can see...we had a blast.
The girls of the evening. Erin (b-baller), Jess (Slash), Elaine (One night stand), Me (sailor)
Grayson (Billy Mays-oxy clean man), me and ErinKyle was a dead climber. See, his rope is cut. Maybe he shouldn't have tried to use a beer bottle as a "big bro" (Actual name of a piece of protection used in climbing).Thanks for the ride!

A Minnesota Thanksgiving

It had been a while (Labor day '08) since I had actually made it to my home in Grand Rapids, MN. I was looking forward to this trip with much excitement. My entire family hadn't been together since May of '08, so this was going to be a special week. I arrived to MN on Tuesday and had a chance to get lunch with some old friends! Mike picked me up from the airport and we met Amanda, Kendra, Patrick, Annie and her bf Chris! It was nice to catch up with my old buddies! Headed up to g-rock for the 3 hour drive north with Sarah and Meg. This wasn't a total vacation; and I needed to get some training in! Made it to the Y and ran on the treadmill till close. Wednesday was a lazy day, but I managed to get a swim in. Thursday, all the guests arrived, and I had a dreaded 6 mile run to get in before "dinner." The Y was closed. So it was 18 degrees or bust. That was a pretty satisfying run, and I earned my t-day dinner! Friday was a lazy day, and I got to meet up with Shea and Newman for our infamous Sanuas! Favorite activity by far. Lease favorite, just kidding, was the family foto shoot. Lol! "Tilt your head, further, turn your face, further!" Basically spin your head and neck until you look the most deformed, then smile. Nah, it wasn't that bad, they turned out well, and we had a great time. Saturday was an early morning as I had to catch my flight in Minneapolis. Here are the pics!

The cousins! Not all of us, but it has been a while. Maggie, John, Me, Meg, Harper, Joe and Robbers. My adorable 18 month old cousin, Harper, playing with the Tupperware cabinet. Yes this is at my family's house. Isn't she just adorable?!Ugh, the dreaded 6 mile run in 18 degree weather. Survived. Barely. But it sure made for a delicious, and well earned Thanksgiving dinner! P.S. these are the last photo's of the old kitchen! My mom is in the process of replacing the countertops, tile flooring, and repainting! Overall the trip was restful, lazy, and entertainment enhanced...getting my fill on their new 47" flat screen ridiculousness.

Holiday Hottness
Triathletes need a break sometimes. Triathletes need to get out of spandex as well. Christmas is the perfect excuse. A group of us got together for a holiday hottness party. We met at Nikee and James' for a potluck and secret santa exchange. Great times, and great food. Dancing the night away downtown all dressed up was a very welcomed changed to our spandex wearing, early bed time, athletic lives. We sometimes need the chance to show off our bodies!

yummy food prepared by all. The hot ladies of the evening.And the fine gents.Kyle and I :) I think he's biting off my face. Erin and I getting the party started downtown.Keeping it going.Crazy. Best pic of the night.

Looking forward to the week ahead and the rest of the holiday festivities happening in Arizona. Kyle and I leave tonight and are heading to Queen Creek Canyon for a couple days of climbing (and yes training; the bike is coming along). Spending Christmas Eve/Day with sister Meg, her b/f Danny and the grandparents. Should be a good time. Meg's a great cook. Working on my birthday on Sunday, but really looking forward to skating at the Hotel Del in the evening. Yes, I love the holidays.

Merry Christmas everyone. Eat, Drink and Be Merry!

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