Sunday, January 3, 2010

happy birthday to me.

i love skating.
i "love" running.

Sunday the 27th was my 26th birthday. For some reason (USAT) I thought I was 24, turning 25 this year for the last couple of months. I actually had to count it out on my fingers how old I actually am. Sillyness yes. So this year I am 26, but by USAT rules I'm 27. I'll be racing Ironman in the middle of my age group (because of 4 freaking days). Anyway, what better way to celebrate your birthday than with a brick on Fiesta Island? I mean come on, it is the "party" island, right? Wrong, I wish I was out in east county with some special cupcakes and a birthday ride with my friends. But it was good to get out and get that workout in with Kyle. I even had one of my favorite Christmas cookies instead of a Gu as some mid-ride fuel. I really have to start working on this nutrition plan (and sticking to it!). These hot chocolate/doughnut/cookie rides aren't going to cut it at Ironman, or any race.I got a nice comment on Kermit, "Was that a Christmas present?" which was cool, since he's over a year old now. He does need a good cleaning (with rubber ducky) however. Off to work for a couple of hours. Yes, work on my birthday, how horrible I know. That's what happens when you get old (and work in retail.) Then I made Kyle drive me to Dairy Queen like 25 min away from my house for Ice Cream favorite. We met my friends in Coronado for some ice skating at the Hotel Del's outdoor, on the beach, rink. Yet again, more fun. Nikee (from Chicago) had never skated before! Being midwestern, that is truly a sin. I took lessons for a while, and showed off some of my moves.
Back home to enjoy the big cake to ourselves! Kyle brought it to work on Tuesday which was Physical Inventory day...counting stuff for 15 hours at the shop. The ice cream cake was a very nice break in the day!

Thanks to everyone for making my day so special. My roommates were all still on their respective vacations, but had surprises waiting for me on the table when I got home from Arizona. My parents sent my present to Meg's house and I got to use it early! (pots/dishes for camping!) Thanks to the college roommates for the presents mailed way on time...they totally kick my butt at being great friends. Here's to a new year, one more closer to 30. hehe.

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Jennifer Yake Neuschwander said...

So sad I missed your birthday ride. I just might have to request a repeat of the celebration on the next ride.