Tuesday, June 2, 2009


May gray always leads to June gloom. Onto another month. Hopefully this one will be brighter than the last. I have much to look forward to so I hope my body will hold out for all of it!
I ran for the first time on Wednesday. It went alright. 2.5 miles. Had to walk/stretch in the middle. Chiropractor in the afternoon and a advil PM at night. Thursday rolled around and I wasn't really okay for JT's ride but I felt better as the day progressed. Friday was the first pot luck at the cove. yummy and fun. Been swimming with Mary and Nikee and apparently I'm under the "fellow injurdees" category now. Lovely. Those girls rock...and hopefully will sign up for the Pier to Cove race in mid June with me.
Friday evening it was poker night. High society...$10 buy ins and we all dressed up. Marike, Greg and Mysti above, and Marike (excellent drink maker) and I below with a yummy grapefruit martini.Saturday was another failed attempt at riding. Had epic plans that fell through because of rain. yeah suck. Made it to hockey on Saturday evening...back kinda gave me some grief. Sunday was finally a successful ride! I rode the GWL with a really cool group. We rode up into the clouds. By the time we got to the backside the sun was shining. On our way back down, into the sky again. It was eerily gorgeous. I went my fastest time and actually said "that was fun!" at the end. Sunday evening BBQ followed by awesome news from the landlord that he's putting the house up for sale. Not so awesome. I do not want to move. Now we'll just have to wait and see. Monday at work went by sooo sllloooowww! Of course because I was looking forward to 7:10 when Stephen's flight from Italy was arriving. So he's back. Yeah!!
Tomorrow is my last VO2 testing at the Fit Stop...I feel bad I've been injured most of the study. And after that I'm free! Or not really; I'm attached to the Peacock wedding itinerary all weekend. :) I'm heading to MN for Kayley and Nick's wedding Thursday morning at 6:30am. Stephen gets to fully enjoy his birthday and bring me to the airport...who needs to sleep in?! (uh, someone with a wee bit of jet lag...sorry bud!) Sad he won't be able to make the trip with me. Sunday is race day. It all comes down to this. Showdown between me and the brother. We shall see if 3.2 miles of running is enough for him to catch me.

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