Wednesday, June 3, 2009

test results

were better? Sweet! Here is the previous post documenting my results. I won't go into such detail, but I was surprised at the outcome.

Here I am looking a little crazy on the trainer before the test started. (You wouldn't want to see the after results). Back was feeling good today, so I was trying to beat my previous max wattage of 280. I made it to 284, 10 seconds longer, but ouch it hurt. Max heart rate? 211bpm. Sick. Lost 5lbs and had a lower body fat percentage? Sweet.
Anyway, here it is broken down. The first number is today's results compared to the second number which was my 1st test result:

-resting HR 54/60
-Vo2 max: 52.5/51.2
-LT 40.3/39.0
-LT Heart rate 188/175
-LT watts 204/188

Greatest improvement was being able to lose weight, but still be able to increase my lactate threshold for wattage output. And really, doing all of this with very little training. He asked if I noticed a difference going up hills...well, yes, in fact, I had a great GWL ride on Sunday. Hmm... My "optimal" weight goal that he set is still 10lbs lower than what I'm at now. I know I want to be there before Ironman next year. It'll take a lot to get there...mainly self control, and having better alternatives while sitting here at work.

One more thing. Did someone say team bikes? OMG what did I do? Haha more to come later.
It's "Friday!" Vacation, here I come. Making Stephen A some delicious birthday dinner tonight, and a cheesecake I somehow whipped up during my extended lunch break today. I rule!

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