Monday, September 29, 2008

Weekend Update

Friday: Work was boring. In related news, my lunch break consisted of The Office on TiVo, angel hair pasta, and an apricot beer. The 60s were revisited Friday evening when Paul picked me up in Jolly (vintage VW bus) and headed to the Cove for a swim. Traffic was not an issue as we obtaining rockstar parking. Heading internationally, I met up with Gus and the Brazilians at the quarter mile buoy and swam with them to the half mile and out to the A buoy and back in. The Food Network approved TCSD end of the month yummy pot luck was in session, and the Brewhouse afterwards for Lori’s birthday rounded out a great evening. Mmm blueberry beer.
Sports report: Lance Armstrong is back? Well I’ll challenge him to the Del Mar Ride on Saturday (kidding!) I accomplished a super quick 30 miles out and back with the lead group! We then headed down the coast to Torrey Pines for 2 laps on that horrifically long hill for a total of 40 miles on the day. Cleaning, napping and contemplating running (never happened) filled the rest of the day. In entertainment news, I watched Ocean’s 13 with a friend…but didn’t see the last half cause I fell asleep. Hmm, does that mean I give it 2 stars? And p.s. I love that Jim finally proposed to Pam (Office tangent)! I shed a tear.
Sunday morning, Stephen and I went for a ride from my house in OB to Torrey Pines and back. Just did the hill once but somehow my “recovery 60min ride” turned into a hard 35 mile, 2hr ride followed by leg wrestling where I dominated! Fish tacos and fried zucchini (yummy!) at South Beach ended up being a great reward. It’s 5:00 somewhere: Chad called and we met him at Fiesta Island for a 4 mile run. Dinner: Kraft spirals, pork, and bananas. Not mixed. Mmm. What a healthy day!
(PS still impatiently waiting for my bike)

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