Thursday, September 11, 2008

a MN vacation...a lazy realization

August 30 through Sept 7 training log:
-25 mile morning Del Mar bike before I borded the plane
-25 min swim in Lake Pokegama
-25 min run hungover on the trails behind Uncle Tom's house in St. Cloud (beautiful)
Seriously rachel?
Trip log:
Saturday evening arrival, went to my old stomping grounds, the Green Mill with Amanda, Jason, and Rousey. Sunday, Amanda and I woke early to arrive at Shovel Point on the north shore of Lake Superior for some classic climbing. Dance of the Sugar Plump Faeiries and Ross' Crack. A quick 200 yard swim in the chilly 50 degree waters followed by a nice hike ended the afternoon. Yummy pizza at Apollo and drinking to accompany. I had fun at the MN climbers gathering at Finland State Park group camp site catching up with old friends.
Monday, my mother picked me up in Proctor and we readied the boat for a windy adventure on Pokegama. I got to water ski in the 1 calm bay! I also swam while my parents trolled alongside in their nice new boat. Tuesday was possibly the laziest day I've had since...ever. I slept in till noon. It was rainig. Card making and internet surfing replaced plans of being active (riding mom's bike, cliff jumping and running). Wednesday's activity was increased ever so slightly. 10am wake up followed by bowling with the Grand Rapids Afternoon Delight ladies day. Well not with them, actually I was on lane 19. They were on lanes 1-8. And no one inbetween. I bowled a 117, 138, and fingers got tired! P.S. my mom is a bowler in the league, I'm not that much of a loser. Dinner was spent with my second family, the Haugen's, at Forest Lake restaurant.
Thursday, Katie's grandma's friend from G-rock drove me to St. Cloud. Random story too boring to post. Finally reunited with the pink ladies within 20 min of arriving. I'm sure we were a little overwhelming chatting away in Katie's grandma's living room. We cranked out a bunch of wedding favors and then headed to the nail salon for pedicures. Then off to the bachelorette night...shots anyone? "No Shots!" Pink ladies + 1 out on the town in St. Cloud...what a blast. Harry buffalos, jag bombs, andy's mints, and 6 more concoctions helped make us all a bit tipsy. Thanks to Jean machine for the van rides and uncle tom for letting us crash on his floor.
Friday was started with one sweaty hungover run on a beautiful backwoods trail in Minnesota. Rehersal and rehersal dinner were the day's main events.
Saturday: wedding obviously. what a beautiful day. a beautiful ceremony. a beautiful bride. gorgeous bridesmaids obviously.

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