Friday, September 19, 2008


I really can't believe I'm writting this...and I'm sure my bank account is also freaking out. Yesterday I put a downpayment on a new bike...yes bike. I've been thinking about getting one since the beginning of all of this and I finally just broke down and had a fitting. JT at Moment Cycle Sport had me come in for a 2 hour fitting yesterday morning. Similar to the eye doctor (this one, or this one...but WAY COOLER!!) he made the adjustments as I was riding. From the seat hight and position to cockpit location, everything was measured and calculated. I came back during my lunch break and decided on a Guru Crono. It's a fully custom carbon hand crafted bike. Every post and angle is built specifically for me. I also got to chose a paint color, triumph green and white. It takes 4-6 weeks...and I can't wait!! My excitement is brewing. This means I'll still probably race Pumpkinman on Felty, her final voyage...yes I'm selling her. Anyone need a 07 Felt women's road bike? And, anyone have a junker I can take to work?


Anonymous said...

junker...that you can turn into a fixie.

JP Flores said...

Hey Rachel, this is John...swim buddy captain from the Encinitas blog! That is a sweet bike...but 4-6 weeks! A painful wait!