Monday, September 22, 2008

CRONO updates

I went to Moment Cycle on Saturday because JT needed a inseam measurement. Since we didn't have a lot of time to discuss details on Thursday, Saturday, more details were laid out.
Components: Full Shimano Ultegra SL in ice grey. Still unsure about the gearing ratio...he better give me enough to get up the Tidepools since I'm currently used to my granny ring up front!
Aero bars and brake levers: swapping out the stock ones with the Easton Attack TT for a more streamlined look. These bars are pretty bad a$$! The brake levers are Sram carbon fiber TT.

Saturday the majority of my afternoon was spent in Coronado biking with my century friends. I knew I didn't want my first century to be along the strand (how boring is that!?) so I had a lazy morning at only 50 miles. :) I biked out and back twice with Don for a little over 30 miles. Hopped off my bike and into some running shoes for a slow 3 mile transition run with Buck to prepare for Pumpkinman. After the run I went on 1 more lap with Kevin where we cranked pretty hard. It felt great to push myself that hard at the end of a long day. That evening I went out for pizza with Bethany and Julie. (my new roommates!) We are signing our lease today for a place in Point Loma, closer to my work, if that is even possible! Move in date is November 15th.

Sunday Chad and I went for an easy bike followed by a hard 5 mile run. I did it! No stopping. So, hopefully after swimming 1.5k and biking 40k I'll be able to finish strong! And I finally found a wetsuit I like! I broke down and got the De Soto 2 was 50% off, and I love it!! I went to the cove last night for a sunset swim. What a beautiful evening! No water in my low back, no annoyance in my shoulders or behind my knees; I'm sold! Now I can swim (fast) year round. :)

Still waiting impatiently for my bike.

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Anonymous said...

somewhere in the world there is a tri bike with a big red bow on it crying because she wont have a home for christmas.