Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Tuesday Funday

Ok, not really. But I did feel better today on the Cabrillo ride. And I learned a little bit about bike maintenance.

Yesterday I got some chain cleaner and lube. I followed the directions...and it worked! :) Go figure. That was half the battle. My shifters have been acting up lately, and I figured it was something with my cables. My chain fell off my big ring on the ride today; JT was nice enough to stop and help me put it back on. And then he looked at my bike after in his shop. And tightened my cables. But apparently I need new casing and cables. Hmm; maybe a new bike instead? haha

Last night I swam with the masters team right after work. Normally I swim in the morning but I was tired...and figured I'd go after since I only work till 6pm on Mondays. It was awesome! I swam in lane 1, and it was a sprinting workout, which oddly enough they haven't had since I've joined the team. Two times: (4x25 kick, 8x100, 100 easy) The 100s were on pace+5sec, so we went on 1:20. I went a 1:06 on the first one, and almost said oops when I came into the wall. But I was able to hold the pace all the way through the set! We did a bunch of 25s after working on breakouts and sprinting. Wow, it was odd; memories of college were spilling back. Brick workout: I tried to run 15 min after. Hmm, not so fun.

Last week: oh yeah! Aquathon! What a beautiful day. I left work at 4pm (normally work till 7pm on Thursday) and spent my evening at the shores of La Jolla. MMmmm. Smiles. The race was: hard. The swim was supposedly 1000m, but my time was 9:59, obviously the course was a little short. And yet I was I tired. I got kicked and pulled and whacked. And I sprinted the entire way to the first buoy. Then I swam with the same boy the entire way. We held a pretty quick pace, but there were still others in front of us. Transition - breathing heavy. Run - 1st lap = a jog. I couldn't get my legs going. I didn't feel good until the last 1/4th. I did go 2 min faster in the back half. So at least I descended. But descending from a 30min pace to a 28 min finish time just isn't going to cut it. :) I used my new zoot shoes which are ok. I'm not in love with them, but I have to put on some more miles to truly give them a rating. I ran sunday, tues, wed, and thursday in the aquathon last week...4 times! woot!

Friday I got to leave work early again! (yeah for winning contests) It ended up working out great, Mare flew in at 2:00 so I went to pick her up. We went to La Jolla for the friday night cove swim. Again, it was warm enough to not wear a wet suit. It's nice to have swimmer friend company! haha, thanks for coming out Mare, I hope you enjoyed it. We swam to the half mile buoy and back, as well as a little "snorkeling" in the actual caves with my neighbor beforehand (where I nearly lost my $100 earplugs). Then we went to the brewhouse after...and had a little too much fun! It was a hot weekend in San Diego and we had a little fun.

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