Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Tuesday Shoesday

The title has nothing to do with the day...well I am wearing shoes. But I'm in a silly mood. :) So watch out: randomness post ahead!
Had a busy last week with the bro and his gf in town. Took them to the cove on friday and he swam to the first buoy. I think I sparked something; now he's telling me he wants to to a triathlon. Saturday we took the train to LA to see Wiked. What a great show! The engine died on the way back causing quite a delay. I woke up early on Sunday to be a swim buddy and a relay member for the SDIT. It was a 1000m swim. My warmup was helping out with the 40 year old men as a sweeper basically sidestroking/sculling with the zig-zaggers, and then I swam part of the way with Bethany's wave, turned back, and then swam my race. I thought I was 2nd out of the water (actually 3rd) for the relay wave...boo I know. It was some young swimmer punk wearing a fastskin jammer. :) I did kick some girls butt who was drafting off me on the way out, but couldn't keep up on the push home. My time was 11:33, which was a 1:11 pace. Hmm seems a little fast. But it felt great. My relay members were nice, and the day was amazing. I hung out at the finish line expo area with Bethany for a while but had to head back to bring the kiddies to the airport. Watched the Olympic Trials on Sunday night; yeah Phelps was pretty amazing. :)

Monday I ran after work instead of pilates because it was too beautiful to be inside. Then I biked to Sunset Cliffs to boulder. (pretty sunset, but high tide brought in the flies!) Today was the Cabrillo ride.

Looking forward to finally climbing this week! I'm heading to Idyllwild to climb at Tahquitz with someone from rockclimbing.com. Should be an interesting trip. I'm taking Thursday off work and Friday is the 4th. I'll throw the running shoes in the car, in case I get the spark. :)

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