Tuesday, June 17, 2008


My goal this month (before the next tri club race) is to get more brick workouts in. Trial day #1 went ok. It's Tuesday, which is the Cabrillo bike day from Moment Cycle. The ride is 14-20 miles, depending on how many laps we do down to the tidepools...and back up! It's a tough ride, but well worth the effort. Moment is pretty close to my house, so I bike to and from the ride. Today was 18 miles round trip for me, with 2 laps up the hill. Then I did a 25 min run loop from my house to dog beach to sea world dr and home.

I was tired, and my mood wasn't the usual excitement. Sunday I did a 30 min run and Monday I went to Pilaties at the Y and got my butt kicked! (I think that'll become a part of my regular routine). I haven't been sleeping well lately and I've been getting pretty tired mid-day at work. I really need to shut my eyes sooner in the evening...but with West Coast TV time zones, come on! Jon and Kate plus 8 isn't on until 10pm! :) Hmm, think I need to watch less TV.

Wednesday is masters and a quick run aferwards and Thursday is the aquathon! I'm looking forward to this tri club race at La Jolla Shores on Thursday evening. I'm taking off a couple hours of work. It should be fun; this is my first race with a surf entry. I was a swim buddy at the Encinatis Triathlon, which also had a pretty big surf entry, so I'm confident I'll make it through.

**Visitor note! Yeah! My friend Mare is coming into town this weekend. She is lucky enough to have a pilot for a husband. I was thinking of bringing her to the La Jolla cove swim on Friday night and surfing in OB on Saturday.

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