Friday, June 13, 2008

1st Entry

Literally, as I remember my first entry into triathlons and into that ocean water I knew this was for me. Turning at that first bouy, I was hooked. Running out of T1 in my bike shoes there was no turning back. Crossing that finish line, running, after NOT walking for any part of the race meant the world to me. I had ran twice before the race. It was the Spring Super Sprint 2008. I won my agegroup and got 10th overall. So it looks like May 4th has changed my life.

That's the beginning, but not my introduction to triathlons, per say. I had been a member of a triathlon relay team a couple of summers back in high school (as the swimmer of course) in my hometown's local race in northern MN. My boyfriend back then was getting into tri's hardcore, but I didn't think I'd ever do one. I had this stigma that I'm a swimmer, not a runner. And the thought of running 3 miles after biking 12 was not ok.

I went to college, swam for 4 years, moved to Minneapolis and a year later bought my first road bike, with completing a triathlon this summer in the back of my mind. Then I got this crazy idea to move to San Diego. Which brings me to today. I'm here, enjoying the beautiful weather, training for triathlons, pushing myself harder than I thought.

6 days after competing in my first tri, I completed my 2nd triathlon; the Tri Club San Diego May race. It was twice the distance of the Super Sprint, but felt better?? I know that makes no sence, but I actually had a "kick" at the end of the run.

Here I am...running out of the swim - through weeds!!! Yuck!

Hmm, so with a month of training we'll see where this month brings me at the club race tomorrow.

I look forward to attempting to keep up with this blog, with my training and competing.

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