Tuesday, September 17, 2013


I swear one of these years we'll take a proper vacation. To a sandy beach with fruity drinks. But for now, these race-cations will have to suffice. 

So it's finally here {well, in 5 more sleeps}: IM Lake Tahoe family vacation! We have the kids packed {Kermit and Thuvia and their 2 friends} and we're on the long road to my second Ironman. Getting to this point hasn't been nearly as dramatic as the first and really, the hardest part was getting through these past two weeks of Tri Classic craziness and training, packing, working. 

The almost end of an exhausting week. Sherpa was a bike course van driver, aid station worker and all around helper on arguably the hardest {and most definitely longest} day of my work each year. 

For some reason I had the crazy idea to test my endurance that week; 12 hour work day Wednesday. 17 mile long run on Thursday morning followed by a 14 hour work day. And then 31 hours straight Friday - Saturday {well I did make it home for a shower at 3am}. Still, I managed 12.5 hours of training during a 65 hour work week. Okay- enough of the numbers. When I was looking ahead at my calendar, I was more concerned about making it through that week than anything training was going to throw at me. I seriously cannot believe I've survived five years of this race. Many thanks to all the volunteers who make it possible. And to Sara - the person who invests the most into this event and who is thanked the least. She is the one who deserves all credit for this race even happening. 

If you raced and had a good time, send her a thank you email: sara@mometcyclesport.com 

Hey Sara. You rock. And your sunglasses are boss. 

{wagon rides, pizza with the boys, and the lone last swimmer on course} 

Last week was recovery and mental checklists. Sunday brought my best procrastination skills:
Bike/run with Kara
Swim with dolphins in the cove
Fro yo with the coach
Surfing with Kyle, Chris, and Jeremy
Picked up race supplies at Moment
Finally got to laundry and the dreaded packing for a #freakingironman. 

It is unbelievable how much sh*t you need to swim/bike/run your body 140.6 miles in one day. 

Monday was of course an insane-o day at work only after my car battery needed replacing and a final PT appointment. And today, Husband woke me up at the ungodly hour of 3:45 for final packing of the car. {it's almost like race morning when I force him out of bed!} We're on the 395, making our way up the large state of CA. On my final approach to IM Tahoe. 

Super Sherpa drivin. 
Speed racer chillin. 


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Sara said...

Thank you, Rachel. Knowing you always have my back (especially during the Classic) is such an incredible blessing. Thank you for being an amazing co-worker and friend.