Saturday, September 21, 2013

ironman circles

So here I am. Coming full circle to the end of my training and the finish of the real journey, to embark on the journey of race day. To circle around some buoys, turn the circular wheels and yeah, that run thing, hopefully in a bee-line, straight to the finish.

By the numbers I started this journey 4 months ago. I've managed to rack up:

317 run miles
2530 bike miles
58 swim (floating) miles
total time spent working out: 237 hours.

my favorite part of pre-race prep?
sweedish goggle assembly
It hasn't been about quantity, especially with the late start. I've put in some quality workouts this summer and have dug deep to find out where I can take my body. I have three more years of tri experience under my belt {and in my legs}. I'm ready. To toe the line and then to cross it. Into the crazy day that is Ironman. yippie!

sillyness w/stacy. wool socks and wetsuits.
we are the crazy people. :)
kermit is sad to be left in transition overnight
in the wind and rain.
You can track me HERE.

Vacation has been pretty chill since getting to Tahoe. We stayed with my friend Stacy for our first two nights at Squaw Valley area and are now at our cute little a-frame house in Kings Beach with my MN friend Nordica. Her BF Kevin is racing, so her and Kyle are on super sherpa duties.

I've hopped in the water a couple of times and rode a bit to decide what to wear. Which has been a large topic of conversation here. {and quite frankly, I'm stoked on the weather} My favorite email of the week is from Noko: "Stay away from the wimps that complain about the cold, they are just weak and eaten too much bloody kale and protein smoothes!!! ha PAY BACK TIME TO ALL THE IDIOT HEALTH FREAKS!"

My thoughts precisely. I throughly enjoyed my gluten filled dinner, aka carbo loading! Something that has worked for me every taper of my life! :) 

those darn bags. packing, prepping, marking, hauling.
Kyle has been a great sherpa, but don't worry, he's been enjoying this vacation too. Gaining as much elevation as his poor knees can handle by foot and bike. He'll do his best to update to his and my FB tomorrow.

Thanks for all the words of encouragement. Thank you to my training partners for their company and friendship this summer. You know you who are and I truly appreciate you! Thanks to coach Brian for helping me understand power and use it wisely. :) And thank you Kyle, for getting me and us to another start line. I know I said I'd never do it again. But here I am. In Lake Tahoe. Now let's work to that finish tomorrow!

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Heidi Fish said...

Good luck Rach! You will do awesome!!