Wednesday, September 11, 2013


As IMLT is quickly approaching, I'm looking forward to it with an anticipation I haven't had all year. That jittery excitement about the swim start line has been putting smiles on my face and happiness in my heart.

After a couple of hard weeks at work and putting in big work weeks of the S/B/R variety, they are much needed smiles. Last week was pretty great. By Monday I had my long ride and run partners/routes lined up. Massage booked. A new book {Faster} written by a friend surprised me in the mail, along with a gifted jersey remembering Jackie from a teammate. 

I didn't just survive, but made my interval workout the day after my 16 mile run. I knocked out a bunch of great bike fittings. Rick gave me a much needed hair cut and dye {bleach} and I treated myself to a new pair of jeans & a pedcure. I rode the longest ride of my life, surviving 2 flats, hwy 101, tested the 700c tube in a 650c wheel {twice} and finished that ride by crushing Soledad Mountain, up Via Capri, at mile 107. Boom.

Labor Day didn't start out with the same pop as last week as the legs were feeling the cumulative effect and me and my saddle aren't getting along as of late. Husband tagged along for the first half, bailed, and I luckily saw miss Beth and tagged along with her, Luke and Trevor for their "easy" 30 mile spin. Turned home and managed to motivate for the inside Torrey Pines climb and Via Capri, yet again. Ride ended up a bit long, and I extended the brick run, thinking who am I? 

So that's it. Or is it? Less than 3 weeks to the big day and now less than 2 until we leave. And I had this urge to get one more long run under my belt {or in my legs}. I cannot believe I'm saying this, but with the coach's blessing, I'm did it. Mentally, I needed to do 17. To get to the point where there's less than double digits left. I'm remembering how I felt before St George - a bit flat and sluggish and almost like there was too much taper time. And my appetite is scaring me. 

So surviving these next two days...yeah - we in the thick of the Tri Classic craziness {and still need volunteers!} will be a miracle. 12hr work day Wednesday, 14 yesterday after my long run - Vacation can't come soon enough. 

2 tidbits of even better news?! My sis Meg is preggers! I finally get to fulfil auntie Rachel duties. Starting with a baby shower when we head home after Christmas. And my bf college roomie Missy just had her 2nd on Tuesday, Nolan Michael {love him!} 

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