Monday, May 28, 2012

training on a whim

I've been trying a bunch of new stuff, seeing what sticks and what doesn't with this whole life, sport, training thing. Running 30 days - um not for me. Lifting weights - jury's still out. Doing what I want, when I want? - I can dig this.

Noko is always a constant in this whole triathlon madness. She has a coach and follows a plan [and yeah, she kicks ass and takes names]. I tag along when I feel like it, and convince her to ride probably harder than she should, and run slower than she should. It's all good as we balance each other out.

I went home for a wedding and came back with a renewed look on training. A new bike will tend to do that. But I felt myself slipping and I want to be ready for SDIT - and every year it creeps up on me, and I find myself under prepared. I'm not looking for a training plan, but just a little consistency leading up to the race. Okay? So.

Last week I had two days of triathlon. Tuesday I rode with Moment, for my last ride on Kermit for a while I'm sure. Then I went to the cove with Noko, Julie and Allison for a glorious swim. [I think it's almost time to shed the wetsuit!!] And then Noko convinced me to run some crazy hill repeats with her on my street. Yikes! I thought I was having a heart attack and somehow I managed to crank out the 4 miles with her. OMG.

Thursday was Super Grover's real debut. I'm in love all over again. I rode my favorite route with some great people. I cannot believe how well he climbs, descends and hammers. I cannot believe how fast my bike is. Lance, I know this is overused, but it is about the bike. And yeah, I work at a bike shop, and it is in my personal and professional interests to say this, but that bike is worth every [MSRP] penny.

So after thoroughly trashing my legs on the Great Western, I thought it would be a grand 'ole idea to help my friend with final cleaning and moving on his vacation rental and then head to the TCSD Aquathlon. So much fun. So much pain. I swear, no matter how much faster I get at running, the pain is still the same. It wasn't like this with swimming. Someone please explain.

Aquathlon was a blast as usual. Such good people and such a fun event. Swim was rough as usual. Kicked in the face but overall it was one of those "blah" swims where I got out feeling fine. Running was okay. I didn't have a Garmin and I had no idea where I was pace-wise but as soon as I got to the pier and turned back...damn wind! Holy 30min/mile slowdown at least. Ended up getting passed by a couple of girls on the 2nd lap out and in the very last 1/2 mile. Yummy food. Great weather. Fun evening.

the sun came out to play.
Saturday evening after work I went to Fiesta Island with Noko for some one-legged drills. Sunday we ran for an hour after work and Erin joined us. I think I ended at 8.5 hours last week. That's consistent, right?

blue skies. blue helmet.
This morning I swam at the cove with the MVY masters peeps [so I swam alone]. Work was freaking awesome as Christopher brought his grill and yummy food, and Sara made some delicious salads, and we had a little memorial day lunch break fiesta. And this evening Chris and I are building Kyle's bike!

low tide. holiday craziness.
Fun times ahead. Had my last Skype date with my husband while he was in Hong Kong. So excited for real dates in a few short weeks!

grill master Hanley. awesome day at work

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