Saturday, May 26, 2012

30 Days [or less]

...give or take.

I wanted to try the 30 day run challenge for a couple of reasons:

1) I didn't think I could do it
2) I hate running [okay so that's not a good reason; onto #3]
3) I heard it takes 28 days to break a habit. So I figured if I run 30 days in a row, I may break the habit of hating running.
4) build a base back for SDIT
5) I decided to do this the day before my bike was stolen. However it was convenient that I was getting into running and had 1 less distraction to pull me away. [sorry Cookie monster, wherever you are]

So the rules were easy. At least 2 miles a day. Slow, or go with a little speed if I felt up to it. But mainly slow miles. Short mileage. But I just had to change into running clothes and shoes and go.

morning boardwalk run in mission beach
So I tweeted my experience: [follow me! @rachelawills]
Day 1: I love an angry ocean. Breathing in the misty air calms my bleeding lungs during this mornings run.
Day 2: angry running experiment. Having my bike stolen gave a new spring to my step. Pounding pavement = #therapy.
Day 3: OB pier to see the backside of the surf and then up the hill. Guess which half was a wicked reminder of #IMSG?
Ohh I almost forgot to tweet day 4! 10 min left. Lunch time run is fun. Bonking is not. Must eat more during the day!
Day 5: lunch break run + gu = no bonk. Much better.
Day 6: running with friends is always better. Especially along sunset cliffs.
Oops! Day 7: running to catch the sunset. Barely got in the two miles. Good energy.
And just now Day 8: another friend another mile. Fitting 3 into a lunch break is difficult.
[skipped april 10]
Day 9: makeup day run with Noko. 5 miles; to cabrillo and back. Lovely gossip run made the miles tick by.
Day 10: beach/bay run made even better with a friend and post run pizza. Yum
Day 11: forgoing my am run for something much more torturous.
Day 12: the ocean breeze never gets old. Especially when there is sun to back it up. Running past your wedding "venue" often doesn't suck
Day 13: another beach, another view, another great morning run.
Day 13.5: freakshow. Ran tonight as a bonus run. Superman'ed over curb I didn't see. #notpretty. Still matched am average.
Day 14: not as stiff as imagined. Also sunset run on sunset cliffs isn't getting old, it's getting easy!
Day 15: back to the boardwalk for am run. Managed without incident. am vs pm run is still debatable.
Day 16: running with friends = superman or more mileage. Today was the latter. 4 mile am OB sesh with Noko.
Day 17: today is #420. My runner's high along sunset cliffs may have been enhanced a bit. #OBhippies
Day 18: Went for a run to clear my head. Sadly it's more full then when I started.
Day 19: hardest day yet to motivate. But post run party at my house with #PizzaPort surprise when I got back?! #Sogood
Day 20: 3 miles on the cliffs followed by #PizzaPort yummyness. Can't get enough #beerbuddies.
Oh! Day 21: lunch time run goes faster when u know Santa, aka UPS man, is on the way with bike parts. Also friend runs are nice too.
Day 22: massage #3 this month. Will I make it before my hips fall off? Lunch run solely motivated by the presence of another.
Day 23: ocean swim without @JakeAMcLaughlin, pannikin, packing, 5 mile retarded fast run with Noko. Ouch. Good morning.
Day 24: wow. Awesome run on the boardwalk at Venice Beach in LA.
Day 25: barely made it last night. Fun 2 on the boardwalk. No curbs = no crashing.
Skipped today. Went climbing. Legs are now more sore than after any day of running. Must get in climbing shape before husband gets back!
evening boardwalk run in mission beach
Then it was over. I ran 26 of 30 days. I couldn't make it. Work and life and my body got in the way. Day 27 was the Spring Sprint race; followed by ITU preparations. Since then I've ran twice. [crazy] Hill repeats with Noko and the aquathlon.

just like 4 years ago!
my friend and newbie triathlete, ryan
Podium, or lack there of. 
Things I learned:
1) I still hate running.
2) I need to stretch more.
3) Trigger Point products are essential - I should commit to 30 days of rolling, with running sprinkled in.
4) My massage lady rocks. Let me know if you need a referral.
5) I'm a lucky girl. [more on this later]

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