Tuesday, March 15, 2011

keeping up

I haven't been doing my best to keep up on the training front. Work has been super stressful lately. [I know I work at a bike shop, how bad can it be?]

Cory, Chris and I had to move the entire shop into two different [smaller] locations.  Merchandise stuff on day one, and service/storage/junk/boxes/junk in the next day. We had to get the store up and running to be open the next day and move the rest of the junk [did I mention we have a lot of unnecessary stuff!] the following day, so the contractors could start on the new space. 

Quite a bit of overtime was worked last week.  Did a couple bike fits and sold a sweet Felt B10 with Di2. This week the new Felt DA arrived - what an amazing bike - so if you have 12k to drop, let me know. 

Kyle and I went to J-Tree 2 weekends ago. He got back from a long-ish [for us] work up at sea, so it was great to be able to have 2 consecutive days off together - a rarity for me. We had a blast camping and climbing. We brought our bikes and tried to go for a ride, but it was a bit windy...and I crashed. Yep - I'll admit it - I crashed going 0mph while clipped in. Couldn't get my leg out and tipped over. Aero drink full of cold water was pouring onto me. Bloody knee. Really Rachel? When did you learn to ride your bike? Way to make spandex wearing nerds look even nerdier. I made up for it by climbing a 10.b jtree slab and showing the boys how it's done.

Last weekend my dad came to town! We went to Five Guys on Saturday when he got here and hung out at Stone all day on Sunday. Delicious beer, yummy food, fun tour and a great time with my dad and hubby. He's here all week, and Kyle is out to sea again. Looking forward to The Fish Market tonight and Old Town mexican on Thursday. Really, I'm looking forward to more dad time.
dad, loving the Stone experience
Our stand up comedian tour guide
don't touch a damn thing!
hubby with his new ruination ipa shirt
Need to find motivation to ride on this beautiful sunny morning. Maybe I'll be thinking of all my MN friends who are still stuck on their trainers. Club race this weekend and Seal Sprint next! Not sure if I'm looking forward to these events or dreading them all together - I haven't been this unprepared since my first triathlon - maybe racing [crappy] will be the much needed kick in the butt.

As if I needed another addition to my plate, Vavi Triathlon starts tonight. I'm the new coach on board, primarily leading the swim sessions but will help out at a couple Sunday bike sessions. Looking forward to it, as it's primarily first time triathletes looking to finish Encinitas Sprint in May. Bay swim clinic tonight!  I've been coaching quite a few private swim lessons each week on top of the usual volunteer TCSD JCC swim sessions. 

In random other news, we bought an iMac with our tax refund!! The screen on Kyle's macbook is about to crack off and mine is pretty old and outdated [read: slow] and I can't even watch youtube videos on it much less a movie. Love the wireless keyboard and trackpad! And the built in camera - I already have iChatted with my college roommate who is getting induced today! Can't wait for the news of baby Schell - we don't know the sex yet!

So best wishes to Missy and Gabe and little gabermiss until he/she has a name. Time to get the wheels rolling.

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