Monday, February 28, 2011

The Finish Line

like the new mat? only a step away. Or 4 weeks, but I'm not really counting. Looking forward more and more to tri racing again.  I've been thinking a lot about preparation. I've waited until the last minute for everything, with one exception - swimming. Well this time, swimming is getting pushed under the mat. I've always been a procrastinator in life. I now procrastinate getting out the door for my morning run before work. It's so hard to step over that mat, yet so easy to come back to it.

Not including the IM preparation last year, I've never really "trained" for a triathlon. What I mean, is I've never had any standard structure in the way I've had with swimming. My first race? I think I ran twice before it. My first Olympic? I had done one 5 mile run and a couple of 3-4 mile runs. My first Half ironman? I had one 10 mile run, one 6, and about 30 miles a MONTH for 3 months leading up to it. Yeah, things changed a bit during IM training as there was no faking the preparation for a race that long.

The Kermit vs Cookie Monster battle is about even. Rachel vs The Navy? Not even close. This is something I'm still learning to live with and yep, it's tough. I know these mini sessions of leaving port are to prepare the crew, but they are also preparing the families. At least I get to prepare for the "coming home" celebrations a bunch. Those are fun. I am glad to have this man:

to keep me company...for life. :) We got some good quality husband/wife time in before he left. We road together on Monday and Tuesday last week before his ship was sailing on Wednesday. We had some rainy tandem adventures on Saturday night - being the stoker is not advised in the rain. 

afternoon coastal ride with kyle and kermit.
After he left, it was back to business for me. I've been showing up on the running front lately, but just short quick runs. Nothing long or hard, as I don't want to bust onto the scene and bust up the body. And convincing myself to run long is not easy, as it's hard enough to convince myself to run. 

Riding has been awesome. I had my longest week since St. George and it felt great. Three rides on Cookie Monster, two on Kermit, and the miles were about equal. Kermit was brave and road with the she-devil on Fiesta Island during her interval workout. 8 laps later and I'm wondering why I fell for the peer pressure. Ended up being a great workout though. I won't divulge her coach's secrets.

Sunday was another crit on the monster. Super early morning and very cold race (33 degrees at the 7:00am start in Ontario, CA). Warmed up a bunch with Lynne and we were off. She was busy working all race (and won a prime) and I settled in trying to block and help as much as I could, but an army of one doesn't really work in road racing. I was in perfect position going into the final turn and super long road to the finish. Lynne took a lead out for me and I broke away to the finish. 3rd place - there were 2 ladies in the break and no one would organize and work to catch them! Anyway, it was a fun race, a learning experience and a pretty high HR effort. (191 average, yikes!)
ridiculous medal - dude without a helmet
I got home, but felt unsatisfied with only 10 miles racing in 28 minutes. Steve, Erin and birthday girl Candace were going on a long ride, so I jumped on Kermit for a fun adventure up north and felt great! I really forgot how much I loved Kermit. I love the ride, I love the position, and I love consistent power effort of tri riding. And the margarita and tacos after were a bonus! (Thanks steve and erin!)

Got peer-pressured into masters swim this am. 3,300 yards. My swim cap broke. My ND Sioux cap. My cap that I used for many fast swimming occasions (Conference champion, nationals, under my neoprene at IM). Seriously distraught.  At least it was sunny. And I'm working on getting another one before they become extinct.

So, onward to the finish line of each day.

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