Saturday, March 26, 2011

Racing what?

Jumped back into the world of racing last weekend. March TCSD club race was the perfect venue for my return. Low Key.

Kyle and I were dog sitting for the She-Devil who was out racing at Lake Havasu. We woke up early to get the dog out for a walk and we were off to our respective races. He headed up to Camp Pendelton for the Bulldog Bike Race and I went to the shop to load up the mothership for the big race on Fiesta Island. It was new mechanic Christopher's first race.

Fun times with MCS crew! Cory, JT, me, & Christopher
Solid warmup of dog walking and jogging to the porta pottie. Got the wetsuit on and headed out to the water with Erin and did a couple of strokes. Horn went off and I was with the front pack for a while. I really need to remember to get new goggles before races. Sighting in scratched up sweeds ain't easy. Ended up hanging out with new friend Frank for most of the swim and got out feeling like I should have raced harder.

Took forever in transition - again I just didn't feel like going hard. It's a club race, right? Hopped on my bike and had a feeling I'd never had before. One that I'm almost ashamed to share. One that I hope Kermit will never hear about. You see, it was cold, windy and my heart rate was elevated. I was hating life. I turned that first corner and felt like absolute crap. I told myself that this was it, after the race I'm selling my bike and quitting forever. I had approx 4.5 minutes of Negative Nancy thoughts and then a tail wind came around. Okay, this isn't so bad. Each lap got easier and easier. Really? I was averaging what I usually can manage from what I remember back from my days of glory [kidding]. By the end my thoughts drifted dramatically from quitting to I want a disc wheel! Finished the bike with cold feet but a smile on my face.

Slow transition, Frank and I debated not running [slacker] and I was off. My left foot never got warm. I was jogging along. At a slow pace. I got towards the end of the 1st lap and seriously left foot, what's up?! I look down - omg. Blood pooling above my timing chip strap. Immediately I rip it off and my skin is down to my bone. Ouch. Thoughts of quitting, but that wasn't going to happen. FML - passing the food after that 1st lap is just not cool! Get going on the 2nd lap thanks to a very motivated "TriChick" who was starting her first lap. I just tucked in and followed her short leg cadence. How fast Vickie? 8:12 she mumbles. Okay, I can do that, maybe. I follow her for 1/2 the lap and then the leaping gazelle passes us. Seriously? I make the move and try to follow her. Wow, biggest, longest, bounciest stride I've ever seen. I followed for 1/4 mile but I couldn't manage any longer, I slowed up a little, but kept the pressure on myself.

Finished. Flashed the bling bling at the camera. [First race wearing the wedding ring!] I felt like I ran those 2nd two miles 3 min faster - and looking at the splits yesterday - yep. Okay, I really need to work on running, and running off the bike. Really I just need to run. Still can't find that spark or motivation. Racing [and slowly at that] put a little spring into my step but here I am this week with 1 swim and 1 bike in the bank. :)

I've been dealing a little bit with my Crohn's lately. I am not a happy camper when I wake up, or towards the end of my day at work. Stomach/colon hasn't been agreeing with me at all. Deciding what to do diet wise to get it back on track. Nothing has really worked in the past - so I've been researching gluten free - yes I may die since most of what I eat has it - call me the gluten-ator. Instant gratification hasn't been working out in the end, so I may have to suck it up.

So 40 days - tomorrow. And big news - I may not even race. If they cancel the swim due to the ridiculous amounts of crappy weather [rain] we've had lately, and turn the race into a duathlon I'll be the first to not show up in the morning. Come on- 2 runs? Why not bike run bike? I'd like to see a sprint finish at the end with triathletes involved.

Getting ready for my sis' weding next weekend!! Super excited about the bachelorette party and yes even being the matron of honor. yikes. Must start speech writing.

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