Monday, August 17, 2009

swim - BIKE - ______

swim: It's going. I'm back up to using two arms...but not really "using" two arms. I still miss my stroke and feel super unbalanced. I can't recover the stroke normally, much less pull any water. Still, I'm going through the motions. I tested it out at the club half-ish ironman, where I just did the swim. It went alright, and I was a little sore/tired by the end. And it was in Glorietta Bay. Omg nastiness. Layer of filth lined my swim suit and gave me a mustache and beard of bay crumbs. I just got a shiver in my stomach thinking about it. Swam in the cove last Friday morning for Mary's "it's see you later, not goodbye" swim. She's moving to Ohio. So we gave her a Oh-bye-o swim. Got back in the play underwater hockey...left handed! (so I'm a lefty, but I play sports right handed, hockey included) Had fun, tried to stay out of the way and not get bashed.

BIKE: Yeah I'm back. Way stronger than expected. Here's how things shook down:
8/8: 50 miles. First ride back, SDBC.
8/9: 40 with Bethany
8/11: 20 on Kermit (the Guru's new name)
8/12: 25 with the MCS girls team on Fiesta
8/13: 55 Swami's loop with new co-worker starting in Del Mar, plus Torrey Pines to finish
8/15: 40 Oh-bye-o ride with Mary. Thanks to Beth for organizing.
8/16: 45 Swami's loop backwards with Stephen A. Fast ride. Sprint finish.
The ladies enjoying frozen yogurt after Mary's ride. Yum Yum!

So, 275ish miles, with only 20 on the tri bike. I've been having some fun with the hills. Still hating, but trying to embrace them. Parlee is helping. Lots of big ring power.

I love riding my bikes.

I said that out loud last Saturday, at the top of a hill, looking down upon San Diego, towards the Ocean, on a beautiful afternoon, with great friends. It doesn't get much better than that.

____: (so that should be RUN: correct?) Fill in the blank activities...
Entertain: Megan (sister) and Megan (sister's friend) came to visit last weekend. We had a blast. Went out in North Park for Mary's real going away party. Hung out with the Erins and danced the night away. Saturday they went surfing while I went on the ride, and we met up at Pizza Port for lunch...oh how I've missed it! Saturday afternoon was spent hanging out at the beach. I got in the water with no agenda. No buoy to swim to. Got in to cool off and play in the waves. FUN! So that's what it's like to be normal. They had to leave early Sunday and head back to Phoenix to work. After my swims, and bikes, I... entertained!
Me, Megan, Julie, and Megan at Ocean Beach.

Eat: We hosted a BBQ at our house for Chris Root's (Bethany's BF) going away party, Evan's mom was in town, and a bunch of people did the Club half-ish race earlier. Great food, friends and conversation. Nice weather as well, hanging out in the backyard.

Have been scared to run. Unmotivated. It has been hurting to jog to my car. This week will change. I'm going to get back out there and test out the legs...and the shoulder. And finally make a decision on the end of the year race...and my Ironman training kickoff. Pondering Carlsbad half marathon in January. Why why why?!
Erin and Meg. Fill in the blank: Two awesome __________! (sistas!)

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