Thursday, August 27, 2009

ode to Kermit

Guru is now officially named Kermit. Googled "Kermit bike" and got some good stuff:Kermit on the bike. Interesting rake on that fork. Also, it looks as if the chain is on the left side. Interesting. Kermit is now a hipster? Kermit wearing scarf on a green (celeste) bike. Does Kermit Cyclocross? (Lack of paved road, and skinny tires.)

What? A Muppet Wiki Page? Of course! But really, a Muppets on Wheels Wiki Page!? Wow, people.

Lately, I've been trying to get back on Kermey, because I've missed him. And because of this. Yeah, Fiesta Island Team Time Trial. With the Guru chicas of Moment Cycle Sport. The Parlee (yet to be officially named) has been receiving a lot of love lately. Swami's loops, GWL, Moment rides...I must get back on the Guru. Two weeks ago I got back on and did 65 up the coast and back with Dave, my new co-worker, who is training for Ironman Arizona. And it felt great to get back on those aerobars.
We've been hard at work practicing for the race this Saturday. Today was our last practice together before we compete. We kept it at a relaxed pace and we all felt pretty good. It should be quite an interesting day on Saturday, and we are all hoping for no wind. Please. No wind.

I've yet to pull the trigger on SOMA. (I know, right?) I have now printed out the registration form, I just have to mail in the check. Shoulder, running and hip/hamstring issues are holding me back. I don't want to injur myself before Ironman training starts, but I also know I should have a decent base before that starts as well. Balance. Something that I'm going to have to learn to manage and understand.

Swam with two arms twice last week. So that's good news. The cove cleared out (finally) and no longer reaks of dying squid, seagul crap, and rotting kelp. The two mile Friday morning swim was the best of the summer probably. (The one arm, one mile swim is right up there). Looking forward to it hopefully staying warm and clear for a while, before this thing called winter comes, and cools it back off. I haven't been able (nor have I wanted) to wear a wetsuit yet. My shoulder has enough problems rotating with the weight of my arm...don't need to add in any more restriction yet.

Fun party on Sunday. More to come later on that. Had a killer computrainer session followed by some circuit training with personal trainer Evan at Coastal last night. Busy at work. Lame excuse for the lack of blogging. But this has been keeping me busy:
is going to be awesome. Sign up today. Discounts still available.

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