Sunday, August 2, 2009

I'm going to be okay...

if I keep telling myself I'm going to be okay.
ah, the troubles of staying positive. when functionality is low and pain is constant.
But today (7/26) something put a smile back on my face. I got in the water. In the ocean. I swam alone. With one arm. I heard dolphins. Underneath me. I saw dolphins. Swimming five feet away. I road the trainer. With one arm. I was a cheerleader. In Solana.
I did all of this. And now I'm tired. My arm is tired. My arm is hurt. But, I'm going to be okay. I'll just keep telling myself. But it's scary. But it's hard. But it takes too long.
I started this post a week ago. Expecting to get my MRI results last Monday. Didn't get the call (even after many follow up calls to my doc) until Friday. But...I'm Free! Well at least of any major complications, and I have my large swimmer shoulders to thank. Not only did they help me swim fast, they protected themselves in a moment of utter disaster, and hopefully they will return back to normal within a month.

I'm going to be okay...if I stay positive.

Today (8/2) something kept that smile on my face. I got in the water. In the ocean. I swam. Again, with one arm. With Stephen A. Made salmon. yum. After watching my amazing friends Nikee and Mary dominate the five mile Tour of Buoys race this, I wanted to be back out there. I want to be normal again. I want to ride my bikes. I want to be able to wipe off the counter without pain. I want to be okay.

Not much else to report. Work has been crazy, trying to get word out about the race we are putting on: The San Diego Triathlon Classic. October 10th, 2009. Sign up. Ask me about club discounts.

Oh, last Friday I swam with the morning cove crew. Ended up "racing" people back from the 1/2 mile buoy. Great times. With one arm. 3o min round trip (1 mile). Not bad! I'm perfecting my one arm freestyle, backstroke and modified butterfly. Great times.

I'm going to be okay...Rest, Ice, PT.


Nikee Pomper said...

You will come back even stronger. Possibly a bit unbalanced (your one arm will be so strong after all the one armed swims), but still stronger.

My blog is back on line.

Mary said...

Nikee's right. You will come back stronger. Injury teaches you a lot about...not fun but you come out of it appreciating the sport more. By the way, someone told me today you're the fastest one-arm swimmer ever...that's pretty cool! Can't wait for our channel swim someday.