Friday, February 27, 2009

Washing Machine!

Wash! Spin! Dry! In high school we had this in water cheer where we splashed around like fools screaming the different cycles of a washing machine. Man, I wish I had a youtube video of it. We took over the lanes and created havoc, and thus intimidating the other teams. We had this other one, where we'd jump up and yell "We're Naked!" and then everyone went under water leaving one hand pointing one finger up. Yeah, we're number 1.

My cove swim this morning was nothing short of intimidating. Wow, right? Rachel got worked by the cove? No way. Okay, it wasn't that bad. But I just experienced swimming in a new light. I suppose I can understand how people get sea sickness. I'm not saying I was close to puking, but I could feel the uneasiness of not being able to control your insides. The cove rocked me.

Woke up, rolled out of bed. Made it to the cove. Saw my buddy, Glen, who I met with Nikee on an afternoon cove swim a while back. Saw he was sporting a new De Soto! Sweet, another one converted! (and he's sold by the way. JT's shop has them 40% off; you can't beat that.) Somehow I convinced myself I had time to swim to the shores and back.

It wasn't that cold today. But the choppiness of the surf was just painfully annoying! I can usually find my groove and the cove practically rocks me to sleep. But this rocking was different. It was coming from both sides! WTF? There was no rhyme or reason to the sets. We finally made it to the lifeguard tower at the shores. Took a rest, and headed back, through the surf and through the wash cycle.

These are my usual cove thoughts; long stroke, strong pull, beautiful lines, breathe in, breathe out, balanced rotation, engage the hips, let those legs enjoy the ride.

Today's cove thoughts: holy sh*t these waves are rocking you, you are swimming around your head, you aren't rotating, your pull sucks, you aren't using your hips, you are relying on your kick to get you home, your feet are cold, your hands are blocks of ice slipping through the water rather than pulling it. Get it together. What are you doing? Swim straight! Where are you going?

So, I'm alive right? Glen and I made it, 53 min, not bad. It felt like forever. Yet, I left the cove satisfied. It threw a new facit at me. The cove "mixed" it up today, and sadly, left no time for Panikin.

Another big weekend is in the mix. After my massage tonight I may meet up with Nikee at Critical Mass, no mom, it's not a church service. It's a monthy crazy bike ride around San Diego. The last time I did it was back in March, when I first moved here. Tomorrow will probably be the Del Mar ride. My friend Ally from LA (from Grand Rapids) is coming to visit! Wine Steals tomorrow night. Sunday is going to be a big day of Superfrog preparations; I'll save that for later. Maybe I'll throw some laundry in the washing machine as well.

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Caleb Keiter - Pro Tools Expert Instructor|Music said...

I am glad to know that I was not the only one feeling the washing machine this morning. I could not swim straight to save my life this morning. Now, I usually don't swim very straight anyway but today was just 'swim way left' day.